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Not a cruise for those of more traditional values.
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12 Bizarre Themed Cruises You Won't Believe Exist

Are Any of These Niche Cruises Up Your Alley?

When you think of a cruise what comes to mind? Do you imagine yourself lying on the deck of an enormous cruise ship?

Hopping on and off to explore a tropical paradise? Returning home with a beautiful tan and pictures of your luxury travels to show friends?

For some, a cruise is not only about relaxation and luxury; it’s about meeting like-minded people. As a result, many cruise lines now offer themed cruises, some of which cater to a very specific clientele.

Maybe when it comes to booking your own vacation, you’ll want to find a cruise that’s a little less outlandish. However, it’s definitely fun to read about the most bizarre themed cruises that are out there — you never know, maybe one of these will be up your alley!

1. Swinger’s Delight

Not for the faint of heart, or the prim and proper. Swingers’ cruises are now gaining in popularity, with many couples signing up in groups.

2. Saw Cruise

Who doesn’t love a good horror movie, filled with blood and gore? What about those who love a cruise? Now you can do both with this horror-themed cruise. The saw cruise is the first of its kind, a carnival cruise ship with all the horrific delights of this bloody franchise. Compete in the Saw tattoo contest; meet the members of the cast who met with the bloodiest of fates, and more!

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3. Kitty Cruise

Cat lovers, come one come all! While they don’t allow cats onboard, the Meow Meow Cruise is a fun-packed holiday themed around your favorite furry friends. You won’t feel far from your fur-babies when you’re surrounded by like-minded fur-parents. Just be sure to pack pictures of Whiskers!

4. Bare Necessities

For those who like to tan . . . without the lines! The Bare Necessities cruise theme will definitely help you cut down on the cost of luggage!

5. Tattoo Cruise

Known as the Ink or Swim cruise, this cruise comes equipped with top tattoo artists who will work on you from sun up until sundown. Tattoo vouchers are included in your ticket, but remember to tip!

6. Pink Floyd

Nicknamed the Great Gig in the Sea, the Pink Floyd Cruise is an experience Floyd fans will love. Spend time with others who share your music tastes and enjoy a week-long concert on deck!

7. Star Trek

Trekkies can’t get enough of this sci-fi themed cruise. The Cruise Trek is somewhere between a convention and a cruise, with fans of the franchise joining in from around the world. Buy signed photographs and collectibles, meet with the special guests, and even take a picture with your favorite cast member!

8. Knitters Unite!

Craft cruises are becoming increasingly popular with the older set, especially among those who knit. Today, cruise lines offer entire cruises dedicated to those who love to knit, with events, giveaways, and competitions onboard for those who want to show off their skills.

9. Goth

First founded in 1989 the Goth cruise is now an internationally celebrated cruise for those who prefer the darker things in life.

10. Disney Cruise

Although widely regarded as a typical family cruise, Disney’s cruises are nevertheless themed after children’s cartoons. Dance alongside Mickey, and visit with Ariel on board one of Disney’s top rated cruises. To some, the Disney cruise is no less bizarre than any others on our list!

11. Steampunk

The Steampunk cruise is one where you don’t want to forget your costume. Bring along your 19th century garb and meet with the special guests. Sip margaritas and century drinks along the deck while participating in era themed raffles, giveaways and contests!

12. Mac Mania

In the digital age that we live in, who would be surprised by an entire Apple corporation themed cruise? Travel the world while participating in learning sessions run by Apple specialists, competing in photo share contests and more!

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