Left: interior of gelato counter. Right: Purple and white gelato
Perchè No is one of the Florence's oldest gelato institutions.
Photo Credit: Gelateria Perche No

5 of the Tastiest Gelato Shops to Visit on Your Trip to Florence

Gelateria Perchè No

Literally translating to “why not,” Perchè No is one of Florence’s oldest gelato institutions. When you taste their gelato, it’s immediately apparent that they’ve been perfecting it for a long time — since 1939 to be exact!

A couple of things I really loved about this place was its proximity to all the main attractions, as well as its vegan options! As well as having sorbet they had a verity of soy-based creamy gelato options. Basically, all the flavors here are outstanding and you really can’t go wrong with any choice. If I had to recommend some I’d suggest the vegan hazelnut and chocolate.

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Gelato counterIl Procopio serves up by far the most interesting flavors.Photo Credit: Il Procopio

Il Procopio

A little bit further out than all the other shops suggested, Il Procopio serves up by far the most interesting flavors (and textures) of gelato in Florence — without sacrificing quality! They also only use seasonal ingredients so their recipes are always changing.

I highly suggest making the trip to visit this shop if gelato is one of your priorities during your trip to Florence. Some of their most popular flavors are lemon sorbet with chocolate cake chunks and almond with candied orange peel, toasted pistachios and almond slices.

An important thing to remember when picking a gelato shop is to avoid places that have the gelato stacked super high. The amount of air in these gelato takes out a lot of flavor and overall creaminess. They are much cheaper to make, and the quality is overall worse, so don’t fall for the fluffy, appealing aesthetic — your taste buds will ultimately be disappointed!

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