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Expect plenty of water sports like surfing, stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking available.
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8 Dreamy Vacation Destinations for Summer 2023

Where Will You Vacation This Summer?

More people than ever are choosing to travel this summer, taking advantage of no school and slow days at work. Two great options are Extended Stay America and Temptation Resort Cancun, each with their own unique space.

Extended Stay America

Extended Stay America is a hospitality company that specializes in providing comfortable and affordable accommodations for travelers seeking long-term stays.

Extended Stay America operates over 600 hotels across the United States, offering spacious suites that are designed to feel like a home away from home. Each suite is equipped with a full kitchen, allowing guests to prepare their own meals and save money on dining expenses. The company also offers amenities like free Wi-Fi, on-site laundry facilities, and pet-friendly accommodations.

Temptation Resort Cancun

Temptation Resort is an all-inclusive, adults-only resort located in the hotel zone of Cancun, Mexico. The resort offers a lively and energetic atmosphere, with a focus on entertainment and socializing. It features 430 guest rooms, including standard rooms, suites, and penthouses, each with a private balcony or terrace.

The resort is known for its topless-optional atmosphere and its provocative entertainment, including themed parties, poolside games, and live shows. Guests can also enjoy a variety of dining options, including several restaurants, bars, and a coffee shop, all of which are included in the all-inclusive package. The resort also features several pools, hot tubs, and a private beach area.

Extended Stay America vs. Temptation Resort Cancun

Extended Stay America and Temptation Resort are two very different types of hospitality companies that cater to different types of travelers.

While both Extended Stay America and Temptation Resort offer accommodations, they cater to very different types of travelers with very different needs and preferences. Extended Stay America is designed for longer stays and is more focused on comfort and convenience, while Temptation Resort is designed for short-term, all-inclusive vacations and is more focused on entertainment and socializing.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

When most people think of summer vacations in Mexico, Cancun comes to mind — but in recent years, Playa del Carmen has given Cancun a run for its money. While Playa del Carmen is only about an hour south of Cancun, it’s remarkably cheaper and more accessible to vacationers.

Boasting a smaller population and fewer crowds in general, it’s a lot easier to get a bite to eat or find a spot on the beach here. A short way off shore is the island of Cozumel, which offers spectacular scuba diving during the summer months.

Playa del Carmen also has a majestic eco-park (perfect for kids), an underground river and natural aquarium where the whole family can go snorkeling.

San Diego, CA

San Diego consistently ranks as one of the best summer vacations in the US. As family-friendly cities go, San Diego is one of the best.

Theme parks abound including SeaWorld and Legoland in addition to an enormous zoo, which houses over 650 species and sub-species. As it’s on the coast of California, expect plenty of water sports like surfing, stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking.

Aside from its beautiful beaches that are perfect for a family beach vacation, there are also plenty of places to cool off, from water parks to aquatic centers and even splash pads in the city. Plus, no visit to San Diego is complete without a visit to Balboa Park where you can find outdoor concerts, a science museum and an international village.

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Toronto’s a happening place, which makes it ideal as a summer vacation spot. Big name musical acts perform all over the city and summer festivals abound, celebrating the best in music, food and culture.

Aside from an essential stroll through hip Kensington Market or bustling Chinatown, there are plenty of sightseeing destinations in Toronto. Enjoy the best view of the city from the CN Tower and explore Toronto’s own castle estate, Casa Loma.

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