Church overlooking city of Florence.
Experience the cradle of the Renaissance in Florence.
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9 Destinations That Will Inspire a Spiritual Awakening


Italy is the birthplace of the Catholic faith, and is a place known for its breathtaking views and its scenic pilgrim walks. Italy is like the espresso shot of spiritual enlightenment offering a deep, dense variety of sites, walks and resorts to attune your soul and lift your spirits.

With its rich spiritual and cultural heritage, Italy has the power to feed the mind, body and soul — and not just with pizza and pasta, but with a deep understanding and appreciation for the journey of the soul. Italy also holds more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country on Earth, and was the location of the renaissance of revolution and enlightenment.

If India is the heart chakra of the world, then Italy is the crown chakra, giving us access to a higher sense of consciousness and a connection with the limitless, the formless.


The cradle of the Renaissance and one of the greatest art cities in the world, Florence oozes with a rich appreciation and love for all things meaningful and beautiful. It is a must-see and will cause you to fall in love with the simple things life has to offer.

The Uffizi is where you need to go for a true appreciation of Renaissance art. Reflect on life from the top of the Duomo, gaining perspective on the city as well as yourself. If possible, visit on June 24 to catch the lively St. John the Baptist celebrations.

Lastly, they say music has a way of speaking to the soul, so there is no better way to find renewal than by listening to the choral music at St. Mark’s English Church.

Canal in Venice at sunset.The waters running through Venice will soothe and enchant you.Photo Credit: Getty Images


Venice will always be a place of enchantment. Its sheer loveliness is reason alone to visit, but its quaint churches and museums are its real selling point. Visit the impressive churches St. Mark’s Basilica, San Giorgio Maggiore and Basilica San Giovanni e Paolo for a taste of the Catholic tradition and to view some astonishing architecture.

Explore Doge’s Palace, Galleria dell’Accademia and Museo Civico Correr to admire cultural artifacts and stunning artwork.

Of course, your spiritual vacation wouldn’t be complete without taking a walk along the canals or a ride on a gondola. The water that flows through this beautiful city is a powerful force, bringing about tranquility and a romantic atmosphere that is easily felt.

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View of RomeThe spirit of Catholicism is still alive and pulsating throughout the city of Rome.Photo Credit: Getty Images


Rome is rich with Christianity and a flare for faith. Its pulsating energy radiates through the city and makes life feel as if it is playing out in a form of theater.

The standard tourist sites are beautiful, of course, but to experience the deep Catholic roots of the city there are a few other sites you should seek out. The Mamertine Prison is the place where the apostle Paul spent his final imprisonment. You can also visit the place Paul was martyred just outside the city walls at Tres Fontane.

The Catacombs are a must-see for both their art and eerie ambiance. Lastly, although Vatican City is technically a country in its own right, it’s contained within the city of Rome. For a close-up look at Catholicism, make this one of the stops on your soul-searching trip.

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