Outside of restaurant with white sign and red lettering. Brown exterior extending upwards.
Clifton's is a blast from the past with five stories of themed rooms you'll love exploring.
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11 Must-See Attractions for a Dreamy Trip to Los Angeles

Clifton’s Cafeteria

A relic from another time, Clifton’s is a 1930’s style cafeteria eatery that’s recently undergone an astounding renovation. Keeping with the California themed vibe, the building is full of outdoorsy murals and even a giant faux redwood that seemingly grows out of the middle of the floor.

There’s the woodsy main cafeteria area, an Art Deco soda fountain, an elegant dining room complete with taxidermy, plenty of bars with specialty cocktails, and a hidden Tiki room featuring a restored wood-paneled speedboat.

Whether you’re looking for a unique LA experience or just want to explore the five stories of themed rooms, Clifton’s is truly a blast from the past.

Spiral of plants on water with brick wall in behind. Surrounded by trees. White walls of the Getty Center visible in the background.The Getty Center has an impressive collection of artwork in addition to beautiful grounds.Photo Credit: iStockPhoto / compassandcamera

Getty Center

As Los Angeles museums go, the Getty Center consistently comes out on top for both the beauty of its grounds and its impressive collection. Set on top of an 110 acre hillside in the Santa Monica Mountains, the museum and surrounding property is a landmark to the artistic spirit of Los Angeles.

Its permanent collection includes hundreds of classic European paintings, sculptures and decorative pieces in addition to rotating photography exhibitions and temporary modern art exhibits. Even just walking around the gardens, admiring the architecture or enjoying the view of the city warrants a trip, especially because admission is free.

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Pink stars inset in the grey sidewalk with names of famous actors. People walking further down the sidewalk.The walk of fame is a must-visit so you can find the stars of your favorite celebrities!Photo Credit: iStockPhoto / photoquest7

Hollywood Walk of Fame

A must do in Hollywood is of course the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard. It’s here that actors, musicians, comedians and performers of every variety are honored with their very own star-shaped landmark.

Aside from finding your favorite performer’s star, there are a number of other places of interest along the way. Perhaps the most well known is the Grauman’s Chinese Theater where you can also find the foot and hand prints of stars like Johnny Depp and Marilyn Monroe.

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