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Read any comments section on United Airlines and you’ll find it rife with complaints.
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This Is Your Captain Speaking: Stay Away From These Airlines at All Costs!

Steer Clear of These Airlines

Although it remains the fastest way to travel, flying is quickly becoming the most stressful, not to mention expensive, means of travel. As a result, budget airlines are quickly becoming the preferred airlines of many travelers.

While you’re likely to pay an arm and a leg flying with a major airline, the disadvantages of flying with a budget airline may outweigh the savings. Sometimes there’s no avoiding it, so if you do get stuck on one of these flights follow this guide to flying to ensure you are doing everything in your power to make things go smoothly!

Big or small, expensive or cheap, here is our list of some airlines to avoid on your next trip.

Steer clear!

1. United Airlines

You’re probably aware of United Airlines’ less than stellar reputation as the airline has made the news due to some unsavory incidents in the past couple years, spurring people to read up on their airline passenger rights. In addition to this, if you read any comments section on United Airlines and you’ll find it rife with complaints.

From unfriendly and unwelcoming flight attendants to lost luggage debacles and flight cancellations, major US airline United Airlines falls way below the mark.

At one time one of the United States’ more popular airlines, United Airlines has since fallen into some bad habits that have customers complaining left, right and center. When planning your next trip save yourself the hassle and avoid, avoid, avoid!

EasyJet plane on an airport runwayEasy Jet has been rapidly expanding since 1995 but has been subject to an abundance of criticism. Photo Credit: iStockPhoto / Juha Remes

2. Easy Jet

One of Britain’s leading low-cost airlines, Easy Jet has been rapidly expanding since 1995. While Easy Jet offers flights at reasonable rates to a variety of international destinations, its customer service, and in particular its accommodation of special needs, is particularly abhorrent.

Easy Jet has been subject to criticism on the basis that it discriminates against travelers with physical disabilities, while often delaying customer refunds on canceled or delayed flights.

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Air Canada jet taking off against a blue skyAir Canada is quickly falling in public opinion.Photo Credit: iStockPhoto / Boarding1Now

3. Air Canada

It’s still a popular choice among Canadians, but Air Canada is quickly falling in public opinion as one of the first major airlines to begin charging an arm and a leg for baggage. From charging on the first bag, to soon enforcing smaller sizes and weights of cabin baggage, Air Canada is not only one of the most expensive global airlines, it is rapidly becoming one of the least accommodating.

If you plan on taking anything larger than a backpack on your next trip, this may well be one airline you’ll want to avoid.

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