Kelly Dunning is a freelance writer and travel blogger from Alberta, Canada. She met her partner Lee, a web designer from Northern England, while working as a tour guide at a creepy haunted prison by the sea in New Zealand. They are digital nomads and have been working remotely while backpacking around the world with no fixed address since May of 2011.

Together they created Global Goose, a resource of information and inspiration for other travelers. You’ll usually find Kelly hunched over her laptop in cafes, hammocks and hostel rooms all over South America, Southeast Asia, Europe and beyond – typing furiously about travel destinations, food, activities and all of the awesome experiences this world has to offer.

Kelly loves hiking, reading, art, history, nihilist memes and boozy hot chocolate. If you ask her what her favourite country is, be prepared for a very long winded and rambling answer that may involve mentions of Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Chile, Brazil and the UK.