Melanie Grosjean

Melanie is a full-time mommy and part-time writer. Melanie grew up in a small farming community in south-central Kentucky. She moved to Colorado for grad school and met her husband Joel there. Her and her husband left fun and funky Denver for Bangkok, Thailand four years ago and never looked back!

Since then she’s been learning Thai, figuring out how to live and parent cross-culturally, eating endless bowls of Tom Yum and traveling as much as possible. She loves to write about family travel and encourages families to travel with kids of all ages. When asked what’s the best age to start traveling with your kids, her answer is always “right now!” Besides Thailand where her family has made their temporary home, some of her favorite destinations so far are Vietnam, Slovakia and Russia. When she isn’t on the road or squeezed into economy class, you can find her sipping an iced latte or blogging at Adventure Family Life.