Taj Mahal, Agra
Make sure to capture the perfect Taj Mahal Sunset photo with your honey!

7 Must-Visit Couple Destinations in India

Best Trips for Couples in India

India remains one of the top destinations on many people’s bucket lists. The country has numerous beautiful and alluring locations that offer an experience unlike any other place on the planet. We have chosen the best trips for couples in India who wish to connect, explore and find a bit of romance along the way. Explore this list for inspiration as you plan a memorable couples trip to India!

The Taj Mahal, Agra

The Taj Mahal tops many bucket lists and for good reason! One of the seven wonders of the world, the beauty of the white marble building decorated with stunning inlays of jasper, jade and yellow marble are a sight to behold! The Taj is perhaps the most recognizable monument in all of India and is a must-see when visiting. While it is sure to be crowded when you visit, arriving early is best and not only means fewer tourists, but also nice lighting and less heat. Do be prepared that there are separate gates for men and women, and the men’s line usually goes a bit faster, so you will have to go through separately and then find a meeting place on the other side. After your visit, grab a cup at Cafe Coffee Day (a chain cafe in India) which is nearby the airconditioned seating area. This provides a nice respite and a good recharge to fuel the rest of your exploring in Agra. If you have time, visit the Moonlight Garden (Mehtab Bagh) across the river for a nice view of the Taj Majal without all the crowds.

Auli, IndiaAuli, a ski resort town surrounded by the Himalayas is the perfect destination for adventurous couples!Photo Credit: Getty Images / aparna singh


If you are an active couple with dreams of skiing the Himalayas, then the resort city of Auli might be up your alley. Surrounded by the Nar Parvat and Nanda Devi mountains, the city is one of the top ski resorts in the country and is a veritable winter wonderland during the cold months. Auli is a hill station and, in addition to skiing, there is trekking options available. We recommend trekking to Gurson Bugyal for views you are sure to remember. Another way to enjoy the views around Auli is by cable car. There are two different cable car rides in Auli. This includes an enclosed cable car from Joshimath to Auli and then a chair car ride from GMNV to Auli. Both offer phenomenal views no matter the time of year. This is not all Auli offers. Those who are looking to get in touch with their spiritual side will love to a visit to the Badrinath temple.

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Jaipur, IndiaThe Amber Fort and Maota Lake at sunset, JaipurPhoto Credit: Getty Images / VladimirSklyarov


The capital city of Rajesthan, Jaipur is an enchanting city that evokes the royals that once ruled the area. Often called the “Pink City” for the color of many of its historic buildings, the opulent town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site chock full of well-preserved forts and palaces with the highlight being the colonnaded City Palace complex. Spend a few hours exploring the palace’s courtyards, gardens and museums and imagine what it might be like to live like royalty. The royal family still lives in part of the complex! There are many other historic buildings to explore in Jaipur, including the Nahargarh Fort which is a fantastic place to watch the sunset with the one you love.

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