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Catch one of the reggae music festivals in full swing during the summer months.
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7 Surreally Beautiful Summer Vacation Destinations for Couples

Bask In the Summer Sun and Each Other’s Company

With so many beautiful places around the world beckoning you to visit, it can be hard to choose a place to holiday. Certain places are more suitable for solo travelers, some for groups and others for families.

But what are the best summer vacation destinations for couples? We’ve rounded up a few choice places where you can enjoy the warm weather and outdoor lifestyle together.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

For a truly relaxing vacation, take your pick of one of the all-inclusive couples resorts found in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Many resorts have swim-up bars in their pools, which makes ordering drinks even more luxurious.

You’ll also find countless spas and retreats targeted at couples where they use local fruits and herbs in their treatments.

As one of the premiere summer holiday destinations for couples, Montego Bay is vibrant and full of cultural happenings during this time. Summer is the perfect season to visit Montego Bay when you can catch one of their reggae music festivals in full swing.

If reggae, and particularly Bob Marley, sparks your interest, there are a number of private tours that go to Nine Mile — the village where Marley lived and died.

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Hilton Head Island, SC

Consistently named one of the best summer vacations for couples in the United States, Hilton Head Island, SC has everything you need for enjoying the great outdoors in style. You can stay in intimate oceanfront vacation rentals where your only daily decision is choosing between the beach and the pool. Bring a few simple beach essentials, and you’re set for a day (or several days) of pure repose.

Aside from the beach itself, you can enjoy the water aboard a sailboat, fishing charter, or even a dolphin-watching cruise. There are also wildlife refuges and preserves in the surrounding area that are perfect for bird-watching, hiking or kayaking through.

However, if your idea of enjoying the sunshine involves a tee, ball and club, Hilton Head has something for you too. Many resorts on the island offer couples golf packages, which include green fees and a bag of warm up range balls.

You’ll have your pick of 33 world-class courses with challenging holes and incredible views you’ll be talking about long after you’ve packed up and gone home.

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Nusa Dua, Bali

On the south end of Bali lies Nusa Dua, a luxury resort area filled with incredible beaches, making it one of the top summer vacation destinations for couples. Each hotel acts as a mini tropical getaway; some villas even offer private pools for each room on site.

Unique offerings like Balinese cooking classes are common here, where you can even go to the market to pick out fresh ingredients beforehand. If you’d rather let the experts do it, there are plenty of enchanting, beachfront dining options, which will wow you with their food and impeccable service.

Hindu temples dot the coast of Nusa Dua, offering a spectacular horizon. There’s also a cultural park a bit inland with an enormous statue of Vishnu, one of the main Hindu gods.

You can watch outdoor concerts here, have a picnic, or just enjoy the beautiful lotus gardens and scenery.

Of course, since Bali is an island, there are plenty of water activities too. Swimming and snorkeling are popular along the beach for couples.

If you go a little further out, there’s a reef, which you can tour by glass bottom boat. To really witness the spectacular power of the ocean though, head to Water Blow, a scenic overlook where large turquoise waves crash and create waterfalls in the cliff-side.

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