Celebrate Love With These Global LGBTQ+ Honeymoon Destinations

Check Out These Top LGBT Honeymoon Destinations

Planning a honeymoon is one of the most fun parts of getting married; however, when you are part of the LGBTQ+ community, you have to make travel considerations that are different than other couples. You want your honeymoon to be one the best times of your life with lots of love, romance, and excitement, and some top LGBT honeymoon destinations can fulfill your dreams of the perfect honeymoon better than most. Check out our top recommended honeymoon destinations!

Bora Bora and the Maldives

French Polynesia is one of the best places for an LGBTQ+ honeymoon. Same sex marriage has been fully legal in the islands, and both Bora Bora and the Maldives are considered some of the most welcoming places in the world for gay and lesbian couples. If you are looking for the perfect tropical destination with water bungalows and crystal-clear waters, Bora Bora and the Maldives are an ideal choice.

Riviera Maya

Mexico is full of beautiful sandy beaches, a warm climate with gorgeous weather all year round and it is an excellent place for an LGBTQ+ destination wedding or honeymoon. One of the best parts of Riviera Maya is the all-inclusive hotels and resorts that can cater to almost any kind of wedding you want, including family style or adults only. Stay on for your honeymoon for a relaxing, romantic and fun time.

Lake Como and Lake Garda

If you have been dreaming of a European honeymoon, visit Lake Como or Lake Garda in Italy for your LGBTQ+ European honeymoon. The properties and resorts around this lake are elegant, sophisticated and surrounded by beautiful Italian hills and countryside. Italy is a very welcoming country and the Lombardy region is full of romantic havens where you can celebrate your love out loud.


Getting lost in history along the picturesque coasts of the Greek Islands is one of the best ways to spend your LGBTQ+ honeymoon. Mykonos and Santorini are the most popular destinations for Greek Islands LGBTQ+ honeymoons, but there are more than 6,000 islands that make up the area. 200 of those islands are inhabited and several of the uninhabited islands can be rented for honeymoons, private afternoon island escapades and more.


Couples looking to stay in the U.S. can fly to Hawaii which is one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly islands in the world. Maui and Kuai are the perfect choices for a romantic, secluded time surrounded by the tropics and Honolulu is ideal for couples looking to party and enjoy the nightlife. Beach weddings in Hawaii are trendy for LGBTQ+ destination weddings as well, since traveling there does not require a passport.

Las Vegas

Sin City has something for everyone and is one of the safest and most fun places for the LGBTQ+ community. Whether you are eloping in a roadside chapel, having an extravagant wedding, or just flying in for your honeymoon, there is no shortage of great ways to celebrate your love on the strip or downtown. Several hot spots are known for supporting the LGBTQ+ community, including The Blue Moon Las Vegas, which is exclusive to gay men only, and Paradise Road around the Hard Rock and Planet Hollywood.


Spain has everything you need for the best LGBTQ+ honeymoon, including romantic beaches, vibrant nightlife, fantastic food, and it is one of the most progressive places in Europe. Barcelona features a few different gay exclusive beaches. Less than an hour from Barcelona is a popular gay resort with beaches, clubs, museums, concerts and more.

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For a once in a lifetime LGBTQ+ honeymoon trip you will never forget, visit Down Under in Sydney, Australia. The city has a gay scene that rivals any other place in the world with lots of clubs, a gay district, Lady Jane Beach, where is clothing optional, and plenty of other attractions and activities. The scenery is unlike anywhere else in the world and the entire continent is known for being inclusive and LGBTQ+ friendly.

California Wine Country

Travel up and down the west coast through California’s Wine Country, including Sonoma and Napa. If you and your spouse love wine, food, fresh California countryside air that mimics the Mediterranean and some of the most stunning scenery in the U.S., then a road trip through wine country may be the perfect LGBTQ+ honeymoon for you.


Canada has some of the friendliest people in the world and the country has had its arms wide open to the LGBTQ+ community for years. Vancouver has progressive laws that offer more protection for the LGBTQ+ community than most other places in the world. Toronto is another great city to visit in Canada for your honeymoon and one of the most popular sites for queer traveling in general.


The Island-State of Malta is a republic in the Mediterranean between Sicily and Northern Africa that was ranked number one in 2017 by the European Region of the International LGBTI Association for their policy and equality in the community. Malta is full of mythic ruins, surrounded by turquoise waters and romantic sandy beaches that will transport you to a world beyond your wildest imagination. You’ll have the LGBTQ+ honeymoon of your dreams in Malta.


Belgium was the second country in the world to legalize same sex marriage and has been a mecca for LGBTQ+ rights. The fairytale like city is full of history, architecture and canals dating back hundreds of years, and waterfront homes that you can enjoy with each other and celebrate your love while being surrounded by mountains in Western Europe.

Things to Keep in Mind

Now you know about the top LGBT honeymoon destinations. No matter where you decide to travel for your LGBTQ+ honeymoon, there are particular travel considerations that you should keep in mind. Make sure to review the laws about LGBTQ+ marriage, public displays of affection and where the safest places for LGBTQ+ travelers are. Your honeymoon should be about celebrating your love and new life together, and the perfect destination will help it all come together.

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