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Whether it is their cheeky personalities or great makeup tips and recipes, bloggers give us someone real to connect and relate to on a personal level. When it comes to travel, bloggers are especially important. You do not want to follow some cheesy travel website that attractions, hotels and restaurants pay to be a part of and give incentives for reviews. If you want to get the real feel for what a place is like, get practical travel tips and discover places you would not have thought otherwise, following travel bloggers is the best strategy, and we have some recommendations for the top gay travel bloggers.

The LGBTQ+ community knows more than any other traveler that bloggers are essential—especially gay travel bloggers. Parts of the world can still be openly hostile towards the gay community, and some places are much more accepting and fun than others for LGBTQ+ people. Gay travel bloggers give us a firsthand account of what it is like to be LGBTQ+ in places all over the world.

Nomadic Boys

This blog began with a group of friends in 2013 and has become one of the most visited gay travel blogs in the world. These boys travel all over the world together, documenting their travels and interviewing locals to see what life is like for gay men in the top tourist attractions everywhere.

Couple of Men

Karl and Daan are a couple from New Amsterdam, and if you love cats, you will love this blog too! Karl and Daan share the spotlight with their cat, Stoliy. Everyone enjoys this couple’s dynamic and video blogs on YouTube. These two are endearing and so obviously in love, which is reflected in their branding. The pair explore the outdoors, as well as metropolis areas, and have been to more than 50 countries.

Ravi Around the World

Even CIS people love Ravi. He has a loud and proud personality, does video blogging and is a millennial living in New York City. Ravi has been globetrotting for just over a decade and documenting his travels as a gay man for the world to see. Ravi blogs about traveling, dating and social issues.

Globetrotter Girls

Dani is a German gay travel blogger who has been sharing her stories with the LGBTQ+ community for more than a decade. She’s a fulltime traveler and is the number one lesbian travel blogger to follow. Dani not only documents her travels but has helpful blogs on the best road trips. She also has tips and tricks for affordable travel and even how to find good wine while traveling. If you want to make traveling a lifestyle, follow Dani.

2 Travel Dads

Rob and Chris are our top gay family bloggers, and their blog focuses on their travel adventures with their sons. The Taylor family values teaching diversity and experiencing cultures all over the world. They also focus on ecotourism, their experience of building their family through surrogacy and other important topics. If you are interested in giving your children a broader world view through travel, you should hop on over to the 2 Travel Dads blog.

You May Also Like:

Dopes on the Road

Another one of our favorite lesbian written blogs, Dopes on the Road is by Lindsay and Meg, who fabulously combine their love of travel with fashion and queer culture. This award-winning, all-women LGBTQ+ travel blog focuses on places lesbians should travel, tips and tricks for travel, as well as insight into queer culture.

Travels of Adam

Every LGBTQ+ traveler has stumbled upon the Travels of Adam blog online. This blog is one of the oldest gay travel blogs and has been popular since 2009. Adam is a former graphic designer who was inspired to start blogging while on vacation in Iceland. Adam traveled the world in 15 months and documented every stop along the way. Adam is an inspiration for anyone who wants to live life on their terms and see the world.


Ed Rex is a deaf, gay blogger who lives in London and has been traveling the world for close to a decade. Ed has a unique perspective and has a blog called the Deaf Traveler that focuses specifically on traveling with a disability. He’s been featured in many prominent travel magazines and can be found on several platforms. His gay travel blog focuses on luxury travel budgeting, adventures and travel inspiration.

The Globetrotter Guys

These two men just got married in 2017 but have been traveling the world together for more than 11 years. Sion is from Wales and Ben is from Yorkshire but spent time living in Spain as a teen. Their blog is focused on traveling as a gay couple and all the best things for LGBTQ+ couples to do all over the world and where to eat the best cuisine. Their most popular blogs highlight Pride parties, parades and celebrations around the globe.

Free Wheel Drive

These two lesbians from Wisconsin take gay travel to a whole new level. They avoid the glitz, glam and party scene and prefer to live life on the road out of their Jeep Grand Cherokee. This blog started in the summer of 2017 when Laura and Camrin loaded up the Jeep and started travel all over North America while working remotely and staying in national parks. They focus on traveling on a tight budget by working on the road through programs such as housesit, WWOOF and more.

Gabriela Here and There

This blog is perfect for lesbians and is popular among CIS women, as well as those who love travel and a vegan lifestyle. Gabriela has traveled to more than 77 countries and plans to visit them all while photographing her adventures. Gaby travels alone and has had some fantastic trips from backpacking in eastern and southern Africa, Central America and southeast Asia, to riding the interrails throughout Europe and spending a whole year living in New Zealand and Australia.

Time to Follow Some Gay Travel Bloggers!

There are endless numbers of gay travel blogs out there, and you will find the one that fits your travel style best. In the meantime, make sure to keep tabs on our favorite blogs listed above so you can learn some amazing travel tips and tricks. Maybe the inspiration for your next gay travel destination will strike!

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