ancient mayan ruins in Guatemala
Often overlooked as a holiday hot spot, Guatemala boasts all the beauty of nature at rock bottom prices.

Incredible Destinations for Less: 14 of the Cheapest Places to Travel in 2018

The Affordable Way to Fuel Your Wanderlust

Between bills, grocery shopping and the everyday cost of living, adding travel to the mix seems nigh on impossible. Overseas vacations seem like a luxury few can afford. However, it is possible for you to go on a fabulous holiday that won’t break the bank. Here we talk about cheap places to travel so you do not have to use all your funds.

It may not be luxurious, but by choosing to stay at the best value hotels or putting aside myths about hostels you can instantly bring the price of your trip down. Do that in tandem with picking from a list of cheap places to travel and you’re looking at the perfect romantic getaway, family vacation, solo adventure or spring break trip!

Setting your sights on cheap places to travel will let you make the most of your trip, enjoying beaches, culture, food and adventure for a modest price tag. Let’s take a look at some of the cheapest destinations in the world — all the places you can get outstanding deals and make your dollars last longer.


Although it’s easily accessible from the United States and Canada, Guatemala is often overlooked as a holiday hot spot. This means you get to enjoy all of its natural beauty, mystical ancient ruins, volcanoes and lakes without the crowds — or the expense. From high mountains to hot beaches, you can hike up the steps of ancient Mayan palaces, frolic in Lake Atitlan, or tour the ancient colonial city of Antigua without draining your savings.

Guatemala is a cheap vacation destination, with an exchange rate of roughly eight Guatemalan Quetzals to every U.S. dollar. If you’re willing to travel by chicken bus and sleep in backpacker dorms, you can get by for around $25 USD a day. It’ll certainly be an adventure and you’ll learn a lot from being thoroughly immersed in the culture.

Splash out on basic hotel rooms and premium buses, and you can still travel for approximately $35 USD a day.

You can tailor your experiences in Guatemala to your budget. Even if you choose to splurge, you’ll find that a cheap trip is definitely possible here.

bright blue ocean shore and natural landscapeThe Philippines are a much are affordable option for those seeking a budget travel destination.Photo Credit: iStockPhoto / saiko3p

The Philippines

With beaches and scenery to rival top tourist destinations in the Caribbean, the Philippines are an affordable option for those seeking a budget travel destination. You’ll be able to experience some of the world’s best beaches for a fraction of the price of Caribbean resorts. Explore some of the world’s most captivating reefs and heritage sites for an incredibly low cost.

The Philippines’ tropical paradise is the best of Asia, and a literal jumping-off point for adventurers seeking to dive into pristine waters filled with marine life.

There is no shortage of luxury resorts in the Philippines, but the price range for accommodation and food starts incredibly low. For between $35-$50 USD a day you’ll be able to stay in air-conditioned hotel rooms, dine out in restaurants, travel via private van transfers and even rent motorcycles daily.

Some of the biggest expenses can be flights between islands, as you hop from Manila to Cebu, Boracay and Palawan. To cut costs, take a little more time and catch ferries where possible instead. You can also try booking tickets online. If you connect online using a Philippines VPN to disguise your overseas IP address, you might even get lower prices.

With a little planning, the Philippines has the potential to be one of the cheapest places to travel in the world.

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expansive landscape in South AfricaIf you’re interested in wildlife and nature look no further than South Africa.Photo Credit: iStockPhoto / Straystone

 South Africa

The cost of living is low in Africa, but it’s a notoriously expensive travel destination. Most tourists who travel to the continent have money to splash around on pricey safaris and extravagant lodges. There is still hope for budget travelers, however. For those looking for cheap trips, it is possible to experience the wonders of Africa’s landscapes and wildlife if you look to South Africa.

Much of the country is left untouched and preserved in national parks and animal reserves. You and your family can get up close and personal with much of South Africa’s wildlife through their guided safaris and the many meet and greets South Africa’s rehabilitation and conservation facilities offer guests.

You can also consider hiking through some of South Africa’s stunning national parks.

The cost of travel in South Africa isn’t as low as in Southeast Asia, but you can still plan a trip that takes in all the highlights for approximately $100-$150 USD a day. Within this price range you can sleep in hotels and dine out frequently, and also experience some of the most incredible experiences Africa has to offer.

Come for a shorter vacation and you will get value for money for a holiday you won’t soon forget.

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