Bridge over water with cathedral
Chain Bridge and St Stephen's Basilica in Budapest.
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Eastern Europe Travel

Where Will You Go?


Although it doesn’t draw large numbers of tourists like neighboring Greece and Turkey, Bulgaria has a lot to offer those who care to stray from the well-traveled path. Often considered the defender of Balkan culture, Bulgaria is home to magnificent mosques, incredibly ornate churches and rustic villages where some locals still ride donkeys to work.

  • Bulgaria – Searching Out Ancient Churches

Czech Republic

Prague, nicknamed “The Golden City,” remains a sparkling gem amidst a war-torn region. Second only to Vienna for a breathtaking mix of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance architecture, the capital city of Prague is a must-see destination. While the historic buildings and cobblestone streets have survived the country’s tragic past, the charm of her people remains equally undaunted.

  • Prague is in Good Voice
  • Praha (Prague) – The Golden City


Unlike many European capitals, Budapest is small enough to explore almost entirely on foot. You can easily fill a day or two exploring the city’s distinctive architecture and rich cultural heritage, stopping to rest at any number of street-side cafes or pampering yourself at the thermal baths.

  • Wild Ride to Budapest’s Splendor in Hungary


A newcomer to the European Union, Poland has shaken off its stereotypical image of polka-loving potato farmers, and joined its modern neighbors. While the country still respects its cultural heritage and doesn’t sugar coat the events of World War II, Poland is quickly becoming a cosmopolitan destination.

  • Gdansk, Poland – A Proud Stop on the Baltic Coast
  • Winter in Krakow, Poland
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Medieval villages, dense forests and snowcapped mountains make Romania one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Bucharest, dubbed “Paris of the East,” is not only alluring, but far less crowded than its French counterpart. While parts of the country are industrial wastelands, regions like Transylvania, home to the real Count Dracula, make a trip to Romania more than worthwhile.

  • Transylvania – Walk through Brasov’s Fortified Past


After being ruled by decadent Czars, then suppressed under Communist rule, Russia shows signs of both pasts. Opulent buildings like The Hermitage are never far from the poverty brought on by Soviet rule. With some of the most noteworthy architecture in all of Europe, Russia should be overrun with tourists, but isn’t. Once notoriously difficult to visit without a guide, Russia is now addressing the needs of its neglected tourist industry.

  • Enjoying Siberia’s Sunny Side
  • Riding the Trans-Siberian Railway
  • St. Petersburg Revisited

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