Marissa Evans

Marissa’s travel experience growing up largely revolved around going on road trips in the summer and ski trips in the winter. The sights she’s seen and experiences she’s had road tripping out east in Canada, down the east coast of the United States to Florida and around the southwestern states have merely served to make her hungrier for travel in North America. Likewise, ski trips had at Mont Tremblant and Mont Sainte-Anne in Quebec; Killington, Vermont; Whistler, British Columbia; Sunshine Village and Lake Louise, Alberta; and Lake Placid, New York have ensured her bucket list is full of places that coincidently happen to have their fair share of black diamonds and chairlifts…

Now that she is planning her own trips, her travel style is characterized as being budget-friendly and outdoors-centric. Her friends know all too well that if they accompany her on a trip, it’ll most certainly involve sleeping in a tent and even possibly hiking up (and then back down) a mountain for 6 hours. It doesn’t get much more budget-friendly than camping after all — campsites are cheap and you also save money by cooking your own meals. Regardless of how many times you’ve been camping, however, the mosquitoes never stop being annoying.

While the likes of Ireland, Italy and other European destinations are certainly on her bucket list, her focus right now is on traveling as much of Canada as possible. She’s hoping to do another road trip out east spent hiking some of the best trails the coast has to offer, as well as road tripping around northern Ontario. Oh, and of course spending winters getting in as many runs as possible.