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Africa instills an air of mystery and wonder.
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African Escapes: Embark on a Voyage of Discovery and Diversity

A Traveler’s Guide to the Continent’s Wonders

Africa instills an air of mystery and wonder. Teeming with fascinating animals and centuries of dark and mysterious legends, this continent will capture your spirit of adventure, unlike any other place on earth. Filled with a contrast of uplifting songs and gut-wrenching heartache, the only limit is your imagination.

The sweeping Sahara Desert divides the northern portion of Africa, cutting the mostly French-inspired West Africa from the Arabic-influenced northern portion. Completely sealed off from the rest of the continent, Morocco is an isolated spicy Mediterranean anomaly.

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On the opposite end of the continent, Egypt is equally unique. In the land of pyramids and pharaohs, the Nile’s Arabic influence bleeds into the architecture, culture and even the flourishing tourist industry.

Tunisia, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, is a juxtaposition of Islamic architecture and Roman hot springs and ruins. Markets packed with noise, spices and colors will assault your senses and dare you to venture deeper into its soul.

Zanzibar, a tiny archipelago off the coast of Tanzania, home to Queen’s Freddie Mercury and the first place in Africa to have color TV, may be small in stature but like its most famous resident, is bold, exciting and filled with energy.

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South Africa is made from the same recipe as North Africa – dramatic landscapes, natural and bountiful forests, exotic wildlife and endless days of scorching sunshine. But in the country’s post-apartheid struggle to define itself, travelers are rediscovering the energy and beauty that has always been here. If you’re coming this far south, you’re looking for a safari adventure, a wine country tour or maybe even a luxurious spa vacation in Cape Town. But even though this is the best place in Africa to see wildlife, be prepared to deal with the AIDS pandemic, violence and extreme poverty.

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