Cliffs leading down to a sand beach with columns of rock just offshore.
The views are the main attraction along the Great Ocean Road.
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8 Captivating Destinations That Are Perfect for Group Travel

Go Somewhere Everyone Will Love

Is there anything more fun than getting together a group of people you love and heading off on an adventure together? Whether it’s quality time with your family, a reunion with old friends, or the first time you take your kids overseas, group travel is exciting and full of surprises.

You want to make sure you pick a destination that will be ideal for group travel — somewhere you will have lots of accommodation and transport options, things to do for your posse, and just the right amount of sun and good food.

Getting all of these things right can seem overwhelming for the person in the group planning the trip, so to help you out we’ve thrown together some of the top group vacation destinations from around the world.

For the Road Trippers: Great Ocean Road, Australia

Australia is road trip country and home to some of the best beaches. The vast expanses of bitumen unfurl through landscapes that vary from arid desert to craggy mountains and salt-sprayed coast.

One of the best things you can do in Australia is grab a bunch of your friends, pile into a van and head south from Melbourne to cruise the Great Ocean Road. There are more photo opportunities than you can count, and you’ll be left open-mouthed in wonder every day.

Harbor with copper colored stone buildings surrounding the coast.With a stellar wine and culinary scene, there's plenty to keep adults happy. If you have kids, they'll love spending all day at the beach.Photo Credit: Getty Images

For the Sun Seekers: Costa Brava, Spain

The Costa Brava in Northwestern Spain is a mish-mash of sparkling Mediterranean waters, pink, sun-baked rocks and pine trees. Costa Brava is like the Côte d’Azur with a Spanish twist and a more group-friendly vibe.

There are plenty of resorts and independent hotels that cater to groups, and the beaches will keep kids happy all day, while grown ups can explore the exceptional culinary scene and locally produced wines later at night.

This is the ideal destination for a relaxing group holiday where everyone spends the whole time in a sleepy, tanned bliss.

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Brightly lit fair with roller coasters, rides, and crowds of people.What could be better than celebrating Oktoberfest with friends?Photo Credit: Getty Images

For the Party Goers: Munich, Germany

Every year, Munich hosts the world’s largest beer festival. Oktoberfest is a fantastic destination for a group of friends who want to let loose a little and enjoy a city-wide party, while soaking in some Bavarian culture at the same time.

The festival is the biggest draw around fall, but Munich is also lovely to explore at that time of year, with the winter gardens turning all shades of copper and gold, and the cobblestone streets crackling with energy in the crisp late-summer air.

A stone bridge over a shallow running river in among a hilly, moor-like landscape.If you love hiking through incredible vistas, your group should book tickets to Scotland.Photo Credit: Getty Images

For the Walking Enthusiasts: Scotland

For a relaxing holiday in cooler climes, nothing beats the United Kingdom. Outside the hustle and bustle of the major cities, you’ll find the kinds of rolling green hills and stone-walled fields you thought only existed in picture books.

Scotland is one of the most idyllic group destinations in the United Kingdom, where incredible landscapes are crisscrossed with walking trails. Most of the tracks are gentle and easy, so are suited to both younger and older members of the family.

For the whole experience, rent a large, old farmhouse in the countryside and hole up with your group for a week.

A small hut with roof covered in snow amid a snowy mountain landscape. Snowy village visible down below.Spend days shredding fresh powder and evenings soaking in the hot tub with friends. Photo Credit: Getty Images

For the Snow Bunnies: The French Alps

The French Alps are packed full of ski fields and dramatic views. This is the place to go if you live for snow-dusted pines set against blue skies, and of course fondue after a cold day on the slopes.

One of the best things about group travel in the French Alps is the possibility of renting a self-catered chalet in the mountains. This will give you lots of privacy and a uniquely French setting where you can kick back and savor a good Bordeaux in front of the fire.

Of course, if you don’t feel like cooking, there are catered options too!

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Strip of beach between high rise buildings and the ocean.Oahu is easy to get to, but will still give you the impression that you're far away from home.Photo Credit: Getty Images

For the Beach Bums: Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii is every beach lover’s dream destination — there are swaying palm trees, miles of white sand and golden sunsets best enjoyed with a cocktail in hand. Oahu also happens to be a great spot for groups.

There are a wide range of resorts and holiday homes to choose from, so you’ll be able to take the whole tribe along with you. Plus, it’s easy to get around and you have all the comforts of home, but in a tropical paradise setting.

Small white sand islands with yachts moored just offshore.Hire a yacht big enough for everyone and traverse more than 50 islands.Photo Credit: Getty Images

For the Pirates at Heart: The British Virgin Islands

The Caribbean is a classic travel destination with the timeless pull of blue water, white beaches and a molasses-slow pace of life. Adventurous travelers can find the perfect balance of discovery and relaxation in the British Virgin Islands.

It’s perfect for group travel, as here you can hire a yacht big enough to fit everyone, and make your way slowly through the 50 odd islands. Sheltered bays, calm currents and gentle breezes make this a top notch sailing spot, and of course being in the Caribbean means sipping rum cocktails and taking frequent dips in the warm water.

What’s not to love about that?

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Water with garden stretching into the water. Temple buildings rising up into the sky.There's plenty of things to do on the island, so everyone will be sure to find something that suits their taste.Photo Credit: Getty Images

For the Culture Fiends: Bali, Indonesia

Bali has everything you could ask for — surf beaches, lush landscapes undulating with rice terraces, temples by the dozen and a zen atmosphere, all for a spectacularly low price. It’s great for groups as there are so many activities to do around the island, but thanks to its compact size you don’t have to lose hours of travel getting between them.

There is something to suit everyone’s tastes, whether that be going canyoning to get up close to waterfalls, relaxing in a luxurious day spa or doing yoga in spiritual centers. And did we mention the beaches?

It doesn’t matter how big your group is, everyone will leave happy!

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