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Snacks that are more fun and less messy? Sounds good!
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10 of the Best Travel Hacks on Pinterest

Pinterest Hacks That Actually Work

Most every parent has gone to Pinterest to find helpful travel hacks. But with a plethora of information on there, it can be hard to find truly valuable tips and ideas that you’ll actually be able to use.

We’ve taken it one step further and compiled the best Pinterest travel tips to make your next trip even easier.

Snacks on the Go

Make snack time fun and easy with these ingenious snack boxes! Simply re-purpose a craft or pill container to pack a selection of your kids’ favorite snacks.

Fill the compartments with healthy nuts, seeds, popcorn, dried fruit and more for fuss-free snacking on the go. Not only does it make snack time fun and simple, but it can make snack time less messy all while giving your kids a lot of options.

Sun hat, beach bag with towel and sunglasses hanging off of it, and sandals on the beach.No one will have to hang back and watch everyone's things.Photo Credit: Getty Images

Foolproof Ways to Hide Your Valuables

Heading to the beach always means either leaving your keys, phones and wallet unguarded while you play in the waves or that someone has to stay back and miss out on the fun to watch the “stuff.”

To keep thieves at bay and enjoy stress-free time with the family in the water, check out these ideas from Pinterest. If you roll your valuables up in a diaper or menstrual pad, I think it’s safe to say thieves will leave them alone.

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Overhead view of pail and shovel on beach. Flip flops, seashells, towel and sunglasses.This tip will help you keep sand out of your belongings while at the beach! Who knew that was even possible...Photo Credit: Getty Images

No More Sandy Belongings

Summer means beach days in our family, but we all know this usually culminates in everything being covered in sand. We love this idea for using a fitted bed sheet to keep the sand at bay and give baby a relatively clean place to play.

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