Make Travelling With Kids Easier: Use a Lugabug

Lugabug Product Review

Traveling with a toddler is tough. In many ways, going places with a child this age is harder than it is with an infant. There are frequent tantrums, slow walking and never ending distractions while going from point A to point B. It is especially difficult in public places. I was introduced to the Lugabug earlier this year. I was delighted to give it a first spin on my long weekend trip to northern Arizona. Even though the Lugabug was clearly designed for airplane use, it happened to come in handy during our road trip.

The Lugabug is an attachable seat that fits on any size of suitcase. This allows your young kids to hitch a ride during those long hulls down the airport terminals or anywhere that requires a lot of walking. It is very simple to use, extremely lightweight and snaps on securely to any bag. When you have reached your destination and no longer need the seat, it easily zips up and flattens out against the outside of your bag. It is hardly noticeable. This also makes it great for storage

My Experience

I have a very active two year old who is constantly getting into everything. While she has not outgrown strollers , she is at a point where she feels the need to be as independent.

The Lugabug was a great alternative to a stroller. My daughter had so much fun riding on my suitcase that she was unaware of the fact that I was moving her along where I needed her to go. During our trip, we stayed in two different rooms so it was convenient to be able to shuffle my child from room to room. I was using a large hardtop suitcase, about as big as they come, and the Lugabug fit tightly and perfectly. It was a fun experience for my daughter and removed a lot of stress from the trip. She did not even complain when we stopped for a few minutes at the hotel desk to check in. She happily stayed put and out of trouble while reading her Fisher-Price laptop in her seat.

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One of the neatest things about the Lugabug is how efficiently it folds. You do not even need to remove it from your suitcase, it zips up to be so slim that it is hardly noticeable. The material itself feels sturdy and has a nice look to it. Mine is black and gray which blends into my black luggage. I was able to install it on my suitcase without reading any instructions, so it has a fairly intuitive design and is not difficult to figure out. It takes just seconds to take on and off a bag and instantly pops out into a chair when needed. It is definitely a well thought out product and nifty to use during travel.

Overall Thoughts

The Lugabug is perfect for any family that likes to move quickly through an airport, hotel hallway or resort. Not only is it efficient for the parents, but it gives kids a chance to do something fun while helping out their parents at the same time. My child has been fighting the stroller lately and aching for more big kid freedoms, so this was the ideal product to use during our travels so that we both got to have our way. The next time you are worried about making that connecting flight in another terminal and convincing your toddler to keep up, try bringing along one of these handy portable seats to move everyone along – literally.

If you would like to try a Lugabug for yourself, use the discount code LUGABUGTRAVELWISE to recieve 15% off.

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