Soft, Stylish and Versatile, the Baby Leaf Cover Gets Full Points from Two Moms

Two Mothers’ Thoughts on the Baby Leaf Cover

Patti Kelsey’s Review

One of the first things my pediatrician told me when my oldest child was born was that I need to keep my baby out of direct sunlight for the first year of her life. Oh great, I thought, considering I live in Arizona and even the fully self-sufficient adults around here have trouble avoiding the sun on most days.

Thankfully, products like the Baby Leaf Cover exist and are ready to help every new parent keep their little ones away from those harsh UV rays. Not only that, but this product will work for you in about six to seven other ways as well.

Multi-Purpose Baby Products Are Best

The Baby Leaf Cover is more than meets the eye. At first glance, it appears to be just a soft and cute patterned material made into a blanket, or poncho.

However, not only does it serve as a car seat cover, stroller cover, breastfeeding cover, highchair cover and scarf, it’s also one of the most practical versions of this product I’ve seen.

While I’ve never owned a cover like this before, I’ve seen other parents on the street with similar ones, but I haven’t seen one with a zipper until now. From my own experience, the zipper feature was a lifesaver, because it helped me get the cover over my oversized stroller with ease.

One day after I got home from the hospital, I decided to take my two youngsters for a walk around the block during the late morning. This was poor planning on my part, as I hadn’t been outside yet and didn’t realize how hot it had already gotten. The cover worked great for shielding my newborn from the beastly sun during our brief, but intense walk around the block.

Considering I just had a baby during the summertime in the Southwest, it was a relief to have a form of shade to cover her up for regular, everyday use. In addition to that, we just moved houses, and that meant about 1,000 trips between our old and new places during the hottest time of the year here.

It was incredibly handy to have my Baby Leaf Cover with us throughout the day, as I was able to keep my infant out of the sun while still in her car seat that I parked on the outside of our new patio. The shade from the roof just wouldn’t have been enough, so I was grateful that I was able to keep her safe and out of direct sunlight.

Not only that, but the Baby Leaf Cover has also been helpful for us in another way too. In the evenings inside our house, we have a lot of lights on while our 2-year-old is still awake and galloping down the halls before bed. This cover has been great for giving the baby a chance to doze off without exposing her face to all the bright lights and commotion around us, and not to mention, has even blocked her from unintentional flying objects carelessly thrown around by her older sister.

Overall, we’ve been so happy to have a Baby Leaf Cover in our home and will surely get plenty of use from it in the months to come.

Product Quality

The quality of my Baby Leaf Cover is wonderful. It’s soft, yet the material is also very stretchy and feels completely durable. Since it’s a very hot climate where I live, I especially was able to appreciate the material itself. The material wasn’t too thick, and it wouldn’t make the baby too hot while using it.

Another great feature of this cover is the fact that it folds up into almost nothing, making it super easy to transport and stuff into any tiny pocket in a diaper bag. Since it’s the kind of material that doesn’t really wrinkle, you don’t have to worry about not folding it up in a particular way.

Finally, the pattern is adorable, and I’m sure my little one enjoys looking up at the bird print from the inside.

To Sum Things Up

In conclusion, this is a great product for both new and veteran parents. It serves many great purposes for you and your children and is one of those household items that will get a ton of use over the years to come. We really love our Baby Leaf Cover and put it to work all the time, and I wish I had come across it when I had my first baby!

Elly Tomlinson’s Review

When buying a nursing cover, the face behind the product is often unknown. There’s no guarantee that mothers have been involved in consultation, design or trials of the product. What I love about Baby Leaf Covers is that it is a small company founded by a mother who has life experience with a baby.

She has personally lived out the struggle of finding useful, well-designed products that work. As a fellow mother I can relate to this and therefore trust the brand.

I was very excited to receive my new Baby Leaf Cover in the mail. Upon opening my parcel, I immediately noticed that the packaging was simple yet attractive, and the cover was softer than my baby’s bottom! Not only was the fabric soft, but it felt like it was very good quality.

There are a variety of patterns available on the website, and I selected a colorful, trendy one called “palm leaf.” My first impression of the pattern when the cover arrived was that it was bold and appealing.

The cover has a zipper on the front and is made of 95% modal, 5% spandex. This fabric has some stretch, yet it still hugs the user for great coverage. I can happily say that after some real-life encounters with spit up leading to multiple washes, the fabric has not faded and remains as soft as it was when I first took it out of its package.

Included inside the box was an instruction card with a range of uses for the cover, with helpful images and descriptions.

So far I’ve used the cover as a:

  • Nursing cover
  • Car seat cover
  • Carrier cover

Comparing to Other Nursing Covers

One might think that a nursing cover is a nursing cover, but this is simply not true. I have tried a few different options and found my Baby Leaf Cover to be the best one yet. For a cheap option, I have tried using a cotton muslin blanket as a cover. This works in a pinch, but doesn’t have the hug that the Baby Leaf Cover has. It can drape open or fall off if one isn’t careful.

On the other hand, I have invested in an official nursing cover that was raved about and I was sadly disappointed. It had a wire at the top that kept the cover open, allowing me to check in on baby while I was feeding her. The problem was that anyone else beside or behind me could see too, so it never felt very private or user-friendly.

The wire made the cover difficult to fold up, and that made it inconvenient to pack neatly into my diaper bag. The material that this cover was made of was stiff and starchy, not soft at all. My Baby Leaf Cover, on the other hand, is much better quality, more comfortable and much more private for the nursing mother.

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Other Uses for the Baby Leaf Cover

Beyond being an excellent nursing cover, the Baby Leaf Cover is versatile. The cover performed well as a carrier cover, effectively keeping the elements off my wee one’s face while allowing me to check in on her via the zipper. The cover is great to throw on if I have my baby in a carrier and want an extra layer on the both of us.

If I need to make the quick trip to my husband’s office in the garage, but don’t want to go through the hassle of bundling my baby and myself up, the Baby Leaf Cover is a great quick cover up for this transitional weather.

Other ways the cover can be used are as a high chair cover, poncho and a scarf. I look forward to using the cover as a high chair cover once my baby is old enough to sit up in a high chair. This is a use that I particularly look forward to since keeping my little ones clear of germs makes my life a lot easier!

Room for Improvement

The only improvement that I believe could be made to this cover is to add a soft panel on the underside of the zipper, especially on the bottom stop, in case it rubs on baby’s face. I didn’t find this to be much of an issue since I would wear the cover with the zipper in the front-center, and the cover drapes loosely.

However, in a rush to feed an upset baby there may be an encounter with the zipper. Incorporating this idea would increase the level of comfort for baby if he/she did encounter the zipper during a feed.

Who Should Use Baby Leaf Covers?

I would recommend this cover to nursing moms who want to be able to go out with their baby without feeling uncomfortable to nurse in public — so really that’s every nursing mother! Whether one needs to do daily errands or go on a longer trip, this cover would suit any mom.

The cover folds up to be quite compact, so it does not claim much space in the diaper bag. It is also so versatile making it more than just a nursing cover. Amidst the sheer number of diapers, outfit changes and other items a mom needs to tote along, this earns the Baby Leaf Cover big brownie points.

It is my nursing cover of choice and it makes my life easier wherever and whenever I find myself needing to nurse.

If you’re interested in learning more about Baby Leaf and their products, click here.

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