An overhead view of Kanu Island surrounded by dark blue waters.
Kanu Island is the perfect private island for larger families.
Photo Credit: Private Islands Inc.

Top 7 Dream Destinations for Renting an Island

Where to Rent an Island

Last month, Travel-Wise introduced its readers to the idea of owning their own private island. For those who would like to “try before you buy”, today we bring you a collection of spectacular islands that you can rent all over the world. Why rent an island? Let’s find out!

By now, is there anyone alive who does not dream of getting away from absolutely everything? Believe it or not, there are places in the world waiting to welcome you. Private Islands Inc. has the keys to no less than 248 islands for rent all around the world. Needless to say, these are extraordinary places. Building a sanctuary in the middle of a sea or lake or river is not for the faint of heart nor those short on the funds required. Instead, these dreamers of big dreams have spared no expense in making their properties some of the most spectacular on earth. The dream of self-sufficiency has led to islands with their own energy sources, their own water treatment facilities and their own modes of transportation to get there.

How to Choose an Island to Rent


First off, where do you want to be? The seasons of the year make all the difference. In summer, your options are less limited. Northern locales like Georgian Bay, Ontario and the state of Maine are filled with possibilities all summer, but some of the more unique offerings beckon from further away.

An overhead view of one of Croatia's private islands, with dark blue water and sandy beaches.There are more than 1,100 islands off the coast of Croatia, offering 13 converted lighthouses to rent. Photo Credit: Private Islands Inc.


There are more than 1,100 islands that lie off the coast of Croatia. That explains why there there are no fewer than 13 converted lighthouses for rent. Recently renovated, some offer stunning views. Others are more suited to fans of the great outdoors with forests and beaches to keep them happy. All offer splendid isolation. Whichever you choose, Croatia boasts the cleanest, clearest waters in the Adriatic, and the country itself is considered one of the most beautiful in all of Europe.

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A little read house floating on the water with two people sitting on the deck.Sweden's Utter Inn is completely underwater, and people deliver you dinner by boat. Photo Credit: Private Islands Inc.


Sample Scandinavia in what must be the most unique private island in the world: Sweden’s Utter Inn. It’s underwater! It started as an art project by Swedish artist Michel Genberg. This remarkable “island” is 100 kilometers west of Stockholm. Just a kilometer from the shores of Lake Malaren, guests can order dinner delivered by boat, swim, sunbathe or watch fish both upstairs and downstairs. Sleeping with the fishes takes on a whole new meaning here.

The Caribbean

In winter, who doesn’t dream of the tropics, the allure of ocean beaches and sea breezes? How far from home is your only limitation. For North Americans, the Caribbean is the closest of paradises, and the Caribbean is rich in possibilities for finding the perfect private island.

An overhead view of Necker Island surrounded by turquoise waters.Necker Island is surrounded by coral reefs and offers grandiose bunks and bedrooms. Photo Credit: Private Islands Inc.

The British Virgin Islands

Follow in the footsteps of Princess Diana who chose Sir Richard Branson’s extraordinary Necker Island for the privacy it gave her. At 74 acres, surrounded by turquoise seas and coral reefs, the island can accommodate up to 34 guests. The Great House accommodates 18 in 8 bedrooms and a spectacular master suite. Children love the additional bunkroom for six. Balinese in style, there are also six houses dotted around the island that each house six couples in total privacy. The entire island can be yours for $80,000 USD a week. If you need even more space for guests, Necker offers cabins aboard its own catamaran, Necker Belle.

An overhead view of Gladden Island with the sunset in the background.Gladden Island sits in the middle of Belize's Barrier Reef. Photo Credit: Private Islands Inc.


What if there are just two of you? Gladden Island may be your heart’s delight. In the middle of Belize’s Barrier Reef, this jewel features a casually elegant villa with all the services of a full-on luxury resort with all-inclusive services. Your staff retreats to their own unseen smaller island waiting at your beck and call. There’s even room for two extra guests if you want to bring them. Gladden Island calls itself “the most private island in the world”. It lives up to that promise with a “privacy meter” that indicates that a member of your staff is on the main island for any reason.

An overhead view of Kanu Island surrounded by dark blue waters.Kanu Island is the perfect private island for larger families. Photo Credit: Private Islands Inc.

For larger groups friends and families, Kanu, also in Belize, may be more your style. The same developer who built Gladden Island, Private Islands CEO and his development partner, created this all-inclusive sanctuary. Just 15 minutes by boat from Placencia, on the mainland, the 2.5-acre island accommodates up 10 adults and 10 children. A Palm-thatched main house offers a living room, dining room, bar and kitchen. There’s even a large inground freshwater swimming pool with a swim up bar. And for private moments, you and your guests can retreat to one of five 1,000-meter square foot villas. Truly all-inclusive, its rate even includes up to four massages a day!

Palm trees on Japao Island.This is one of the most modern islands you can rent, with two master suites that open to a swimming pool. Photo Credit: Private Islands Inc.


Carnival in Rio may have been called off, but you can celebrate Brazil’s famous holiday at Japao, a quintessential Brazilian island. This 6-acre playground is located 105 miles west of Rio off the “Green Coast”. Dramatically modern, its villa has two master suites that open onto a swimming pool, sun deck and jacuzzi overlooking the blue green sea and your own private beach. You fly into Rio’s Galeao International Airport where you are met by your private concierge and whisked through customs, immigration and baggage collection. In about 20 minutes, you board your private helicopter for the 35 to 40 minute flight. You can even request a sweep around Rio’s Christ the Redeemer statue on Corcovado. Talk about all-inclusive!

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