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All You Need to Know About Solo Travel Tours in Japan

Japan is a great destination for solo travelers, so we are going to take a look at solo travel tours in Japan. These tours are great for solo trips as Japan offers a variety of travel options. You can explore the city and eat the cultural foods, or you can hike in the forests and mountains. So, whether you are a city or nature lover, there is something for everyone.

It is a very safe country and it’s easy to get around. The crime rates are extremely low, even in the major cities. Japanese people are generally very friendly and welcoming to foreigners and they will often help you if needed. If you are planning to travel to Japan on your own you might be wondering “should I go independently or take a guided tour?”

It is ultimately up to you to plan the trip that fits best with your travel style. Some people prefer the freedom and flexibility that comes with traveling independently. However, you might be craving the support, insight and community that a guided tour offers.

For solo travel tours in Japan, you will have a chance to chat with your fellow adventurers and make friends along the way. Also, a tour will help you to structure and prioritize your time and route, to make sure you hit all the spots you want to see on your journey.

Tips for Selecting Solo Travel Tours in Japan

There are many solo travel tours available in Japan, designed to allow you to easily make the most of your trip to the “Land of the Rising Sun.” When it comes to choosing the right tour for you, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Give Yourself Enough Time

A five day trip is not enough time to really get a good perspective on the culture and history of Japan. Give yourself at least two weeks, so you can adjust to the time zone and explore some of the major sites.

Allow yourself time to rest and adjust to the jet lag by flying there a few days before the tour begins. You may also want to add on a couple of days at the end of your tour, so you can take the time to explore on your own.

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Choose a Tour That Fits Your Interests

There are so many different aspects of Japanese culture to explore, so look for a tour that is a good fit for your unique interests. For example, perhaps you are interested in ancient temples? Or you really love kabuki theater? Or you want to go hiking in the mountains?

Maybe you want to experience a traditional tea ceremony? Or visit museums and art galleries to learn about Japanese art? These are all activities you can look for on a tour of Japan.

Read Reviews

When you are comparing the different tour options in Japan, do not forget to read reviews on TripAdvisor and other review websites. When you only read the promotional materials of the tour your perspective will be skewed towards the positive.

If you balance it out with honest reviews written by people who have actually experienced the tour, then you will have a much more balanced and realistic perspective.

Watch Videos

Many tour companies will post videos of their tours on their website or on social media. Watching these videos is a great way to learn what the tour is like. How many people are there? Is the tour guide animated, funny and engaging? Do they speak English well? Do the guests look like they are having fun? You can tell a lot about what the tour experience would be like simply from watching a video.

More Solo Travel Tips for Japan

  • Always have cash. While many businesses will accept credit cards, a lot of the small shops will only take cash, so you do not want to be caught short.
  • Take your outdoor shoes off when you enter someone’s house. They will probably offer you a pair of indoor “house slippers” to wear during your stay.
  • The power outlets are the same as North America, so make sure you have the right adaptor. (Unless you are from there.)
  • Take the business card of your hotel out with you, with the name on it in Japanese. If you get a taxi driver who cannot speak English, you can show them where you need to go.
  • Learn a few Japanese words before you travel, if you can. It will really help and the locals will love that you are trying.

If you have any great tour experiences in Japan to recommend, let us know in the comments below!

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