Many tiered treehouse at night
This beautiful treehouse is also eco-friendly, with a vented bamboo air conditioning system.
Photo Credit: Green Village Bali

Sleep in the Treetops: 11 Magical Treehouse Hotels from Around the World

Take “Room with a View” to the Next Level

Most kids dream of having a treehouse where they can have a play space all to themselves. But treehouses are becoming increasingly attractive to adults, too — although these might be slightly fancier than what you were after when you were a kid.

There are few things as magical as spending the night suspended above the forest floor, an oasis totally immersed in nature. You’ll have all the amenities you would expect at a hotel (and sometimes much more) while perched in the treetops.

From Ohio to Washington State and Costa Rica to Tanzania, treehouse hotels are popping up all over the world. We’ve rounded up some of the most unique and best treehouse accommodation options.

Green Village: Bali, Indonesia

While your childhood dreams of living in a treehouse may have been extravagant, it’s unlikely you dreamed up a six-story bamboo treehouse. This community of eco-friendly mansion treehouses seems to blend right into its natural surroundings.

You’ll find plenty of interesting elements such as open walls, palm leaves and an impressive vented bamboo air conditioning system that will keep you plenty cool at night. There’s lots to keep you entertained at Green Village, including tours of the local bamboo factory, workshops on bamboo home building, playing bamboo instruments and more — although we won’t blame you if you while away the days lounging in a hammock in the treetops.

Treehouse in among branchesThose who love sloths will want to visit this resort!Photo Credit: Tree House Lodge

Tree House Lodge, Costa Rica

If you love sloths, this one is for you! The Tree House Lodge offers unparalleled encounters with the adorable creatures. The 10-acre property is located completely within Costa Rica’s Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge and has access to both the jungle surroundings and the stunning Punta Uva Beach.

The six quirky, individually designed two- and three-bedroom cottages were built from eco-friendly and sustainable materials but have all of the modern touches you want on your vacation.

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Red treehouse with boardwalk leading to doorEnjoy cathedral windows and 100-year-old barn accents.Photo Credit: The Mohicans

The Mohicans: Glenmont, Ohio

These unique treehouse cabins were designed by Pete Nelson from Discovery Channel’s “Treehouse Masters” and are known to host celebrities from time to time. Book one of The Mohicans‘ six treehouses and you’ll not only get to enjoy the resort’s unique touches like cathedral windows and 100-year-old barn wood accents, but you might be lucky enough to rub shoulders with the likes of Matthew McConaughey who has stayed here.

The room options range from single rooms to two-bedroom suites and lofts. The area has numerous hiking trails and three state parks for plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

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