The Perfect Wellness Retreat for You Awaits at a Four Seasons Resort in Thailand

Mentally Rejuvenating Experiences at the Four Seasons

When the Four Seasons hotel opens its doors in Bangkok later this year, it will bring to four the number of extraordinary properties the luxury hotelier has in the magical kingdom of Thailand.

Each one is different—from the resort island of Koh Samui to the mountains at Chiang Mai to the extraordinary tented camp in the country’s “Golden Triangle,” the point at which Laos, Myanmar and Thailand meet. Yet all share a spirituality, a common goal of making stays there opportunities for holistic well-being and mindfulness, and perhaps even enacting a meditation retreat.

A stay at one of the Four Seasons resorts makes for the perfect wellness retreat in Thailand. Read on to parse which resort has the rejuvenating experience you’re in need of.

Chiang Mai

Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai is nestled in a valley full of rice fields overlooking the mountains. The resort is naturally blessed and is an astonishing mix of friendly farmers, gentle water buffalo, resident Buddhist monks and Four Seasons experts, all providing guests with a wide range of well-being experiences.

These can be selected before you even arrive at the five-star resort. At My Chiang Mai at Four Seasons, you can prearrange your choice of well-being programs while the director of experiences works to create a personalized journey of renewal.

The resort also offers guests a selection of eight pre-designed programs. Each has a specific objective — whether it’s detox, mini boot camps or simply a range of spa experiences. There’s even a chance to practice the warrior art of Muay Thai, the traditional art of Thai kickboxing, if you are so inclined.

Mindfulness and harmony are a natural outgrowth of the nourishment of mind, body and spirit. Yoga classes, customized wellness meals and spa therapies are all designed to give guests a renewed sense of energy and well-being at Four Seasons Chiang Mai.

Koh Samui

You can experience different facets of well-being at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui. There, the program is called “Reason To.” From deep nourishment to restful sleep, from luxurious spa treatments to active play, guests can create personal itineraries from four “Reasons To,” all dedicated to well-being.

“Reason to Nourish” seeks to replenish health and energy through hand-picked spa treatments, private yoga sessions and six power-packed mini meals throughout the day-long experience.

“Reason to Sleep” is a day of bliss. Yoga, uniting breath and movement, is followed by a lava shell massage for muscular relief, an hour of meditation and a candlelit bath in the privacy of your own villa. There’s even breakfast in bed the next morning.

“Reason to Pamper” is simply good old-fashioned pampering in pure luxury, start to finish. After breakfast in bed, it’s off to the resort’s Secret Garden Spa for a three-hour, top-to-toe treatment called Earth to Sky. You can savor herbal infusions and refreshing teas, accompanied by Thai versions of tapas.

The fourth, “Reason to Play” lets you rediscover your sense of adventure. Guided exercises on the beach or in the gym are followed by a healthy lunch to prepare for an afternoon spent learning Muay Thai. Capping off the day is a blissful massage to release muscular tension and enhance sleep— if the kickboxing wasn’t enough.

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Golden Triangle

Finally there’s what on offer at Four Seasons Tented Camp at the Golden Triangle. This extraordinary luxury camp brings glamping to a whole new level. Bordering Burma and Laos, in Northern Thailand, here you will find rescued elephants, spectacular mountain trails and bamboo jungles that bring a level of explorer’s spirit to every guest.

Back at the camp, there’s a tribute to that jungle called “Ruak Bamboo.” Beginning with a foot bath using refreshing makrut limes, Ruak Bamboo is a full-body massage using bamboo sticks, long considered a symbol of longevity and strength in Asian cultures. The massage takes place in the serenity of the camp’s outdoor spa, set amid lush, mystical foliage and with a chorus of jungle birds. Using local herbal oils of lemongrass and ginger, the goal is to rediscover inner peace.

Four Seasons resorts in Thailand are reasons enough to visit this fascinating, friendly and enormously beautiful country. And mindfulness and well-Being are very nice additions to your trip. Perhaps it’s time to travel to Thailand and see for yourself.

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