Seven rafters and a guide in a red raft with white water all around.
Lee and Kelly, the two rafters on the right, having a blast down the Rangitata River in New Zealand.
Photo Credit: Kelly Dunning / Global Goose

9 Adventure Travel Experiences to Take on with Your Partner

Whitewater Rafting in the Rangitata River, New Zealand

New Zealand is paradise for the adventurous traveler — there are so many thrilling things to do here, from skydiving to bungee jumping to kayaking and much more. One of the best adrenaline adventures in New Zealand is whitewater rafting down the legendary Rangitata River on the South Island.

You’ll be given a full wet-suit and all of the gear you need, as well as a safety briefing before you hit the frothy swells. You’ll splash through the rapids, paddling furiously through the whitewater and then cruising smoothly and swiftly through the flat stretches in between.

It’s an unforgettable thrill and a great activity for adventurous vacations for couples.

Three dolphins crest the water, their bodies shimmering in the sunlight.See whales and dolphins up close while taking a tour in Sri Lanka.Photo Credit: Kelly Dunning / Global Goose

Whale Watching in Sri Lanka

How about a travel experience seeing huge whales close up in their natural habitat off the coast of Sri Lanka? Lee and I went on an amazing whale watching trip with Raja and the Whales, a local tour company in Mirissa, and it was quite a thrill.

Our guide, Raja, had spent his entire life fishing, swimming and sailing in these waters so he knew exactly where to find the whales. When the enormous dark shape broke the surface of the water and sprayed a fine mist from its blowhole, it was a moment I would never forget.

We even got to see some dolphins as well, their sleek bodies moving quickly through the water alongside our boat.

As well as whale watching, Sri Lanka has many other activities for adventure holidays for couples, including hiking, trekking, hot air ballooning, diving and more. It would be the ideal playground for an adventurous couple to explore — plus the people are so genuinely friendly and welcoming and the landscapes are simply gorgeous.

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Craggy coastline covered in green trees.Go scuba diving amid coral reefs and seat turtles off the coast of Saba.Photo Credit: Getty Images

Ecoadventures in Saba

The tiny Caribbean island of Saba, a mere 5 square miles, owes its pristine charm primarily to inhospitable shores. Rough and rocky, only a group of English sailors’ untimely shipwreck in 1632 brought Europeans to its uninhabited shores. Today, you can tell that it’s ideal for couples who love tropical adventure as soon as you touch down at Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport (which boasts one of the world’s shortest runways).

Nicknamed the Unspoiled Queen, Saba’s craggy, rainforest-covered slopes and gorgeous waters have turned it into a prime ecoadventure destination. Scale the 1,064 steps to the top of Mount Scenery for a gorgeous view or hike any of the 18 trails that the Saba Conservation Foundation has marked out. Guided tours can offer more strenuous jaunts or provide further insight into local flora and fauna.

Saba’s real draw, though, is diving. Crystal-clear water, coral reefs and encrustations, sea turtles, grouper, tarpon, sharks — the island contains everything a diving enthusiast could want. Any of the licensed local dive centers can arrange outings to sites such as David’s Dropoff, Big Rock Market and Third Encounter. Snorkelers should enjoy Cove Bay, Wells Bay and Fort Bay.

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