Two individuals watch a group of people white water rafting
OARS' Tuolumne River experience is just outside of Yosemite.
Photo Credit: OARS

Experience Family Bonding Like Never Before with Adventure Travel

Activities for the Adventurous Family

While the activities that constitute family adventure travel may vary depending on who you ask, according to a 2009 market report on the adventure tourism industry, they all have three things in common. Adventure travel, either within your home country or abroad, involves “physical activity, interaction with nature, and cultural learning or exchange.”

While other areas of the travel and tourism industry have seen a decline — especially in the US since the 2016 presidential election — adventure tourism is trending for individuals, couples and families alike. If this kind of active relaxation excites you, take a look at some of the best adventure family vacation ideas that are sure to get your heart pumping.

White Water Rafting on the Tuolumne River

If your family works well together and enjoys US adventure travel, a whitewater rafting trip has the potential to become a yearly tradition. While there are tons of travel companies that offer whitewater rafting experiences, OARS has the best selection, especially within the United States.

Their Tuolumne River experience, in particular, comes highly recommended. Just outside of Yosemite, the river has 18 miles of challenging Class IV rapids, which you can conquer over a 1-, 2- or 3-day trip.

Aside from riding the rapids, you’ll get a chance to explore the area by hiking and fishing, along with enjoying the natural waterfalls and swimming holes.

A family of bikers take a break to look straight at a body of waterDuring a REI Thailand family adventure, you will bike, hike, kayak and zipline.Photo Credit: REI

REI Thailand Family Adventure

Outdoor lifestyle brand REI doesn’t just sell clothing and related equipment, they also organize outdoor adventures for families all over the world. One of their most exotic and off the beaten path excursions features a multi-sport journey through Thailand.

You’ll bike, hike, kayak and zipline in the countryside, among temples and through jungles full of monkeys. Cultural experiences include a Thai cooking class, tree planting and a visit to a nature sanctuary where you can both bathe and feed Asian elephants.

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Scuba diver above a reefFor unique, underwater adventure vacations for families, Family Divers offer a variety of specialized trips in the Caribbean, South Pacific and the Indian Ocean.Photo Credit: Family Divers

Great Barrier Reef Dive Adventures

For unique, underwater, active family vacations, the folks at Family Divers offer a variety of specialized trips in the Caribbean, South Pacific and Indian Ocean. Their Great Barrier Reef dive adventure offers a chance to get up close and personal with the largest living thing on Earth and the various marine life that co-exists among it.

Dive with dwarf minke whales, observe manta rays, swim through colorful schools of fish and discover hundreds of other species off the coast of Australia. All trips feature three dive sites a day and also include catered meals and photo/video services.

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