Overhead view of hotel along a rocky coast with frothing waters below.
The floor to ceiling windows mean you'll be staring out over the frothing waters along this rocky coastline at every chance.

7 Romantic Hotels That Will Leave You Spellbound

Black Rock Oceanfront Resort, Uclulet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

This magnificent resort is a curving sweep of glass, steel and wood that sits at the edge of a lush rainforest. It also offers some of the best winter storm watching on the West Coast and, during the warmer months of the year, access to a host of outdoor adventures and abundant wildlife with orcas and other whales frequently passing by.

You’ll be mesmerized by the views that can be enjoyed from the floor-to-ceiling windows, your private balcony and one of the soothing outdoor hot pools. The highly acclaimed Fetch Restaurant is right on site for dining on gourmet feasts prepared with fresh, local ingredients and paired with fine wines, locally brewed craft beers and creative cocktails.

Island with yacht out from in middle of blue ocean.Looking for a secluded island escape? Look no further than Baros.Photo Credit: Baros

Baros Maldives, Male, Maldives

Baros lies on a secluded island in a crystal clear, azure lagoon, fulfilling that perfect vision of a romantic fantasy island getaway. An intimate boutique resort, it’s surrounded by warm waters and silky white sands that are edged by swaying palm trees and fragrant, colorful flowers.

You can spend your days relaxing on the beach, taking part in a wide range of activities from snorkeling to diving to yachting to yoga, or perhaps a little of everything, before returning to one of the lavish beachside or water villas.

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Two massage beds on a pier next to the water.You'll find plenty of opportunities to relax with one another at the Little Palm Island Resort.Photo Credit: Little Palm Island

Little Palm Island Resort and Spa, Little Torch Key, FL

Little Palm Island is a private island located just offshore from Little Torch Key in the Florida Keys. It offers the ultimate in a stress-free romantic escape minus the incessant buzzing of cell phones. You’ll find plenty of opportunities for relaxation, including indulging in exotic Balinese treatments at the onsite spa and private dining right at the edge of the sparkling cerulean waters.

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