Rain or Shine, Here Are the Best Travel Clothes for a Trip to Thailand

What Are the Best Travel Clothes for Thailand?

So, you have booked a trip to Thailand and you are trying to decide what to pack? Well, it is good to know what the best travel clothes for Thailand are. When traveling, it is important to choose clothing that is suitable for your destination and the act of traveling itself. Travel clothes should not only be suitable for the activities you plan to do on your trip, but they should also fit nicely in your suitcase and be versatile enough to wear in a variety of circumstances on your trip.

You want to make sure you are ready for anything that might come up, but you do not want to be lugging around heavy suitcases. It’s important that clothes for traveling do not require fussy laundering. At the same time, your travel clothes should be appropriate for the culture of the place you are visiting. Weather should be a big factor in choosing clothes for traveling as is the type of trip you plan to take. Clothes for a luxury cruise will obviously be different than those you would pack for a backpacking trip.

There are several factors you need to consider when deciding what clothes are best for a trip to Thailand. This article will help you choose what travel clothes to pack and will have you well on your way to enjoying all that Thailand has to offer.

What Gear Do You Need for a Trip to Thailand?

Thailand is warm year-round. There are very few places where you would need a sweater, even on the coldest days of the year. However, if you plan to spend much time indoors at malls and other indoor attractions, a light sweater may be appreciated as these indoor locations tend to really crank the air conditioning.

This lack of cold weather really makes packing a breeze as you will not need to bring any bulky, heavyweight items. Most of the items you pack can be rolled and fit in a compression bag, making for easy and lightweight packing. If you are planning to visit the mountains in northern Thailand or along the Myanmar border, you might consider packing a fleece as the temperatures can be a bit chilly, especially during cool season. Heavy-duty cold weather gear is never needed.

Clothes for Visiting Temples in Thailand

One of the most popular activities for visitors to Thailand is visiting the many temples. There are gorgeous, inspiring temples in nearly every city and small town in the country. Temple visits require wearing modest clothes. Shoulders and knees must be covered, and even closed toe and closed heel shoes are required for some.

You’ll want to be prepared for impromptu temple visits when planning what to wear in Thailand. Don appropriate temple clothes most of the time during your trip and you will be able to quickly and easily pop into a temple if you come across one you’d like to explore. Another versatile item you should plan to pack is a large scarf that can be used to cover your shoulders for a temple visit if necessary, or to keep your shoulders warm in a chilly mall. Scarves are easy to find in Thailand and make a nice souvenir, so you might want to wait and purchase one during your trip.

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Rain Gear for Traveling in Thailand

Thailand gets most of its rain during their rainy or monsoon season which happens from July to October. If you plan to visit during this time, you will certainly want to pack rain gear.

During the rainy season, it rains nearly every day, but not all day. You’ll likely have most of the day to explore rain-free but can expect heavy rain showers most afternoons. It’s wise to carry a rain jacket, umbrella and shoes that will not be damaged by water as flash flooding is a strong possibility during the rainy season. During the rest of the year, the chance of rain is low, so you should be okay to skip the rain gear when packing.

Beach Clothes for Traveling in Thailand

If you plan to visit Thailand’s famous beaches to the south, you will certainly want to pack beach clothes. While Thai’s typically dress quite modestly, regular beachwear is certainly okay for resorts and public beaches in Thailand. It’s most respectful to locals if you cover up at restaurants and when dining in your resort. Most resorts will require you to wear regular clothes in their restaurants and other times that you are away from the beach. The sun at Thailand’s beaches can be very intense, so a nice lightweight cover up with sleeves can be worth packing. Sarongs are also popular and can easily be purchased in most Thai beach towns for a good price.

Dress for the Heat When Traveling in Thailand

During most of the year, temperatures are sweltering in Thailand and can be overwhelming to those unaccustomed to very hot weather. If you visit in the hot season, which also tends to be the high season for tourism in Thailand due to the Thai New Year (Songkran) holiday, you will certainly want to be prepared for the heat.

However, dressing for hot weather is advisable year round as temperatures are nearly always warmer than those in the U.S. and Canada. You may think that dressing in tank tops and shorts is the best way to beat the heat. In reality, dressing in long sleeved, flowing clothes made from natural fibers like cotton is the best way to stay cool in very intense heat. Choose clothing made from light colored cloth, as dark colors absorb the sun’s heat. Loose, flowy pants and shirts are cooler than those items that fit more snugly.

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