Hill overlooking the harbor in St. John's.
Newfoundland will be the first to celebrate Canada Day.
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Celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday with These Events Across the Country

Happy Birthday, Canada!

150 years ago the Province of Canada (aka Quebec and Ontario) joined up with Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to become the Dominion of Canada. On July 1, 2017 celebrations of Canada’s sesquicentennial will take place all across the country.

Officials have been planning for this anniversary celebration since 2010 and the federal government will be spending about a half billion dollars on these events — so it is sure to be the party of the century (and a half). The epicenter of the festivities will be in Ottawa, but the events will be happening all across our True North Strong and Free.

This is the perfect time to plan a trip to some of the best places to visit in Canada, while joining in on some of these celebrations. So, what are your plans for Canada’s birthday?

No matter where you go from the West Coast, to the Prairies, to Quebec, to the Maritimes, the celebrations will be huge this year. Here are some of the highlights across the country.

St. John’s, Newfoundland

Newfoundlanders are the first ones to celebrate Canada’s birthday, as they are located on one of the Easternmost points of land on the continent. They will greet the new day with a sunrise ceremony on Signal Hill, the stunning lookout point above the harbor.

After sunrise, breakfast will be served at the Visitor Centre — then you have a chance to take a nap before the live music and activities start at King George V Park at 2:00 p.m. The night ends with fireworks by Quidi Vidi Lake.

Pier along the waterfront with Canadian flag and glass building.The pier at Halifax Harbour.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax will be celebrating this year with a huge concert, featuring DeadMau5, Matt Mays and many more. The event will also feature the FUSE Festival, hosted by Emera Oval, during which 175 artists from around the world will showcase their artwork.

You will also be able to enjoy free entry to the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site.

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Fireworks behind Parliament tower: a huge clock tower.Ottawa will host the biggest fireworks show in the nation.Photo Credit: Getty Images

Ottawa, Ontario

Pyrotechnic masters have been working hard to prepare the biggest, brightest and loudest fireworks spectacle Canada has ever seen. Thousands of people will be watching from the Alexandra Bridge, which connects Quebec and Ontario.

Also, you’ll be able to check out the new Canadian History Hall opening at the Canadian Museum of History. This will be the biggest 150th birthday celebration anywhere in Canada and there are even rumors that the Queen might show up.

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