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Great Travel Gifts For You, Friends & Family

An Ideal Keepsake for Loved Ones

Finding the perfect travel gift can be tricky, whether you’re buying it for close friends and family off on a big trip or just spoiling yourself for an upcoming vacation. There are plenty of great products on the market, from stylish luggage to quirky items that come in useful on adventure holidays and luxury presents ideal for that jet-setter in your life. Frequent travelers may seem like they have everything they need, but there’s something out there for everyone that can make travel a little easier or a little more fun.

When deciding what travel gift to get, consider the kind of person you’re buying for and where they’re going. Flights can be noisy, cold and long, meaning practical gifts can be useful, while those heading to sunny destinations may love a great new beach bag or a camera to capture memories! We’ve narrowed down a selection of great travel gift ideas so that you won’t have far to look the next time you need to buy a gift for yourself or a loved one that’s heading off on an adventure.

Travel Gifts for Solo Travelers

Solo travelers, whether male or female, generally have a few concerns before traveling – particularly if it’s their first time going solo. Letting them know they’ll have the most incredible time and providing them with a thoughtful and useful gift can make them feel a little less nervous. For women, gifts that help with safety can be appreciated, and there are a bunch of options to consider, from secret money belts and scarves to personal alarms and theft-proof luggage. Also, unique travel gifts will hold significance, such as a small piece of jewelry, a travel diary or a guidebook to their destination, which they can keep as a memory for years to come. Lastly, you’ll want to catch up on what incredible experiences they’ve had when they return home, so a tech travel gift such as the new GoPro Hero 11 or a digital camera is a useful and long-lasting present that can be used every day.

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Travel Gifts for Honeymooners

Although there are many different types of honeymoon – some people might want to relax on a tropical island while others might be keen to get active, a honeymooning couple has a few things in common. They’re celebrating the best day of their lives and heading to a beautiful destination to spoil themselves rotten, so don’t hold back on the gifts for these friends. Depending on how much you plan to spend, you can get a whole host of lovely travel gifts. For a flight that will feel like they’re being pampered, a silk eye mask and neck pillow will make the flight pass in total comfort, such as this one from GingerLily. For a more splash-out option that could be purchased as a pair for the couple, a new set of suitcases could be ideal – no need to take a battered old backpack on their dreamy honeymoon! Try these sleek, modern sets from Antler, which come in a huge range of colors.

Travel Gifts for Frequent Flyers

Frequent travelers such as business-people or outdoor types who seem to be on a plane every weekend can seem like the hardest ones to find a gift for – they travel constantly, so they must have everything down pat, right? Frequent flyers are always forgetting things, and because they’re always on the go, having home comforts when they’re away can make them miss home that much less. Consider thoughtful homemade gifts like a photo for their wallet, or a piece of jewelry to remember you by when they’re away. An affordable and ever-useful gift is an AirTag, which they can add to their purse, luggage or even phone to ensure it never gets lost. For something more practical, a portable steamer will save them loads of time on the road – they’ll never need to search for a hotel iron or attend a meeting with a crumpled outfit again.

Travel Gifts for Digital Nomads

Digital nomads seem to be everywhere nowadays; if you have a remote job, you can escape to almost anywhere with just your laptop and headphones in tow. Whether in the USA or a far-flung country, digital nomads can seem like they have all bases covered when it comes to traveling and working remotely. But nomad life comes with its downside, too, and there are lots of gifts that can make things easier. Life on the road can lead to homesickness, so giving them a scrapbook of memories or a small photo album will ensure they have lots of great memories to look over. Useful gifts include high-end tech like noise-canceling headphones (these Bose pair are unmatched for quality) that can be used on flights, work calls or at the gym. Finally, digital nomads are likely to be flitting from one beautiful cafe or co-working spot to the next thanks to working from anywhere, so an elegant laptop bag or backpack for day-to-day life.

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