Cliffs leading down to a sand beach with columns of rock just offshore.
The views are the main attraction along the Great Ocean Road.
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8 Captivating Destinations That Are Perfect for Group Travel

Go Somewhere Everyone Will Love

Is there anything more fun than getting together a group of people you love and heading off on an adventure together? Whether it’s quality time with your family, a reunion with old friends, or the first time you take your kids overseas, group travel is exciting and full of surprises.

You want to make sure you pick a destination that will be ideal for group travel — somewhere you will have lots of accommodation and transport options, things to do for your posse, and just the right amount of sun and good food.

Getting all of these things right can seem overwhelming for the person in the group planning the trip, so to help you out we’ve thrown together some of the top group vacation destinations from around the world.

For the Road Trippers: Great Ocean Road, Australia

Australia is road trip country and home to some of the best beaches. The vast expanses of bitumen unfurl through landscapes that vary from arid desert to craggy mountains and salt-sprayed coast.

One of the best things you can do in Australia is grab a bunch of your friends, pile into a van and head south from Melbourne to cruise the Great Ocean Road. There are more photo opportunities than you can count, and you’ll be left open-mouthed in wonder every day.

Harbor with copper colored stone buildings surrounding the coast.With a stellar wine and culinary scene, there's plenty to keep adults happy. If you have kids, they'll love spending all day at the beach.Photo Credit: Getty Images

For the Sun Seekers: Costa Brava, Spain

The Costa Brava in Northwestern Spain is a mish-mash of sparkling Mediterranean waters, pink, sun-baked rocks and pine trees. Costa Brava is like the Côte d’Azur with a Spanish twist and a more group-friendly vibe.

There are plenty of resorts and independent hotels that cater to groups, and the beaches will keep kids happy all day, while grown ups can explore the exceptional culinary scene and locally produced wines later at night.

This is the ideal destination for a relaxing group holiday where everyone spends the whole time in a sleepy, tanned bliss.

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Brightly lit fair with roller coasters, rides, and crowds of people.What could be better than celebrating Oktoberfest with friends?Photo Credit: Getty Images

For the Party Goers: Munich, Germany

Every year, Munich hosts the world’s largest beer festival. Oktoberfest is a fantastic destination for a group of friends who want to let loose a little and enjoy a city-wide party, while soaking in some Bavarian culture at the same time.

The festival is the biggest draw around fall, but Munich is also lovely to explore at that time of year, with the winter gardens turning all shades of copper and gold, and the cobblestone streets crackling with energy in the crisp late-summer air.

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