Square with pigeons and cobblestone.
Morocco is the gateway to Africa.
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North Africa

Villages, Markets and Waterfalls


A quick tour through Egypt is more like a history lesson. From the days when pharaohs ruled the land to the tiny French quarters tucked away in Cairo and Alexandria, remnants of Europe’s influence, civilization have blossomed in Egypt for the last 6000 years. Straddling Europe, Asia and Africa, Egypt’s influences have created an eclectic and glorious country. Be warned, however, that terrorist attacks on tourists in Egypt remain high, especially in the city of Dahab.

  • Mighty Works of Great Pharaoh
  • Sailing Down the Nile River


Morocco embodies the very hot and spicy image of a Mediterranean paradise. Lush valleys lead to sandy beaches and cities of old world charm and sophistication. The further south you go, the more you’ll feel the Sahara’s influence. Morocco is the gateway to Africa, though the crazed mazes of Tangier, Casablanca or Marrakesh suggest otherwise. When the sun goes down, the heat dissipates and markets, meeting places and festivals liven up the night in bursts of color and joie de vivre.

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The world fell in love with Tunisia all over again with the popularity of the underground village, Matmata, featured in the Star Wars movies. But our love affair with this tiny North African nation crouching on the Mediterranean Sea isn’t new. Roman Empire archaeological sites mingle with Islamic architecture and vibrant markets that have survived through the centuries. To explore Tunisia is to peel away layers of history at every corner.

  • A Taste of Tunisia in North Africa


Riding low on the international radar, Zanzibar has had heavy influence by British, Persians, Arabs, Indians, Portuguese and other Africans who have claimed her treasures. Today, a short jaunt from the Tanzanian mainland plants you smack in the middle of a gorgeous archipelago teeming with unexplored pockets of paradise. If you seek out solitude and breathing room from life, Zanzibar fits the bill.

  • Zephyrs of Zanzibar

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