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6 Best International Data Plans

Staying Connected Around the World

Have you ever found yourself lost in a foreign city, desperately needing Google Maps but needing an internet connection? Or have you been hit with a shockingly high phone bill after a business trip abroad due to roaming charges? If you’ve nodded to these scenarios, you know the importance of a reliable international data plan.

This comprehensive guide guides you through the best international roaming plans in 2023, ensuring you stay plugged in no matter where your travels take you.

Top Picks for International Data Plans

Telecom companies offer International data plans that allow you to use data services like internet browsing, sending emails and using apps outside your home country without incurring roaming charges.

Below are the top 6 international data plans. Choose what suits you best!

1. T-Mobile Magenta

For $70 per month, T-Mobile’s Magenta plan offers unlimited data and texting in over 210 countries. Although high-speed data is capped at 5GB, this is typically sufficient for regular browsing and emailing. This plan is ideal for frequent travelers who want a worry-free solution to stay connected wherever they go.

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2. Verizon TravelPass

Verizon’s TravelPass, priced at $10 per day, allows you to use your domestic talk, text and data allowances abroad. This means you can continue using your phone as you would at home without worrying about additional charges.

It’s an excellent choice for those who travel frequently for short durations and prefer the convenience of using their existing plan.

3. AT&T International Day Pass

At $10 per day, AT&T’s International Day Pass lets you use your existing plan in over 100 countries. This includes unlimited calls and texts and uses the data from your current plan. It’s a versatile option suitable for business travelers needing to stay connected with their team.

4. US Mobile 5GB

US Mobile’s 5GB plan is cost-effective for light internet users. For just $15, you get 5GB of data, ideal for occasional browsing and social media updates. They also offer an Unlimited All plan for heavy data users for $45.

5. Sprint International Plan

Sprint’s Day Pass lets you use fast internet in over 200 places. Depending on your location, it’ll cost you either $5 or $10 a day. You can also pay by the week — $25 or $50. Every Sprint plan comes with Global Roaming, meaning you can text for free and use basic internet (up to 2G speeds) without paying extra.

Calls outside the U.S. will cost you 25 cents a minute. If you need your internet to be faster, go for the high-speed data day pass.

6. Google Fi Wireless

Google Fi Wireless offers a flexible plan that adjusts to your data usage. The basic plan starts at $20 for unlimited calls and texts, and each GB of data costs $10.

However, you only pay for the data you use, making it an economical choice if your data needs vary monthly. This dynamic pricing model is perfect for those with unpredictable travel and data usage patterns.

Factors to Consider Before Buying International Data Plans

Duration and Frequency of Travel

If you’re a frequent flyer or stay abroad for extended periods, opting for a plan with a flat monthly rate is more cost-effective. Pay-per-day plans can quickly add up, making them less suitable for extended stays or regular travel. For instance, T-Mobile’s Magenta plan offers a flat monthly rate, eliminating the worry about daily charges.

Data Usage Needs

Your data usage is a significant factor in choosing a plan. If your activities involve high-speed data usage like video streaming, video conferencing or heavy internet surfing, you need a plan that provides high-speed data at sufficient volumes.

For example, US Mobile’s Unlimited All plan offers unlimited cell phone plans, ideal for heavy users.


Before settling on a plan, ensure it has extensive coverage in your destination country. A plan may seem attractive, but it’s only the right choice if it offers good network coverage where you’re heading. Plans like T-Mobile Magenta and Verizon TravelPass boast coverage in over 200 countries, ensuring almost global connectivity.

Roaming Charges

Roaming charges can significantly inflate your mobile bills. Some plans might have hidden costs associated with international roaming. Always read the terms and conditions thoroughly to avoid unexpected charges. Google Fi Wireless, for example, only charges for the data you use, helping you avoid any hidden costs.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re a frequent business traveler, a digital nomad or a holidaymaker, staying connected is crucial. This comprehensive guide has highlighted the top international data plans to ensure you’re always online, no matter where your journey takes you.

From T-Mobile’s Magenta plan designed for the habitual traveler to the cost-effective offerings of US Mobile and the dynamic pricing model of Google Fi Wireless, there’s a plan tailored to every need and budget. Remember, the best plan for you hinges on your unique travel patterns, data usage needs and the coverage offered in your destination countries.

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