Taking a Private Tour Is Just the Ticket to Getting the Most out of London

Get an Insider’s Glance Into the City

There are plenty of European tours that shouldn’t be missed but London is a big city with a lot of things to see and do — so much so that it is almost overwhelming for the first-time visitor.

Around every corner there are more historic buildings to explore, interesting pubs to drink in, world-class restaurants to eat at, stunning artwork to see and much more. If you stay in one of London’s best hotels you might not even want to leave the building.

You could spend years living in London and still not see it all — so how on earth are you supposed to narrow it down to what you should see?

One solution is to do a private tour while you visit London. A local guide who knows the city will be able to curate an itinerary for you that will include only the best of the best attractions, so you can make the most of your time in the city.

Plus, they will be able to enhance your visit with information and tidbits about London’s history. After all, the main reason why you travel is to learn about another place and culture.

The Perks of Taking Private Tours in London

Here are some of the advantages to taking private tours in London:

  • You don’t have to spend the time planning and researching where to go, you can let your tour guide take care of that hard work for you.
  • You can let them know what you are interested in and they will tailor the tour to your specific interests.
  • If you see something that interests you or confuses you, just ask your tour guide to tell you more or to explain it.
  • Your guide will be able to recommend great bars and restaurants to suit your taste and budget, so you can enjoy the best food and drink on your visit.
  • When you have a private tour guide you won’t be shuttled around in a large group, you will have the one-on-one attention of your guide and get a much better experience. No sharing a big bus with a lot of strangers.

Which London Landmarks Are Worth Taking Private Tours Of?

While some European tourist traps are best avoided due to crowds, this isn’t the case if you manage to get a private tour. You’ll get an experience few others will and glean insights you won’t forget.

So where are the best places in London for private tours?

  • Anywhere that has a lot of history behind it, such as the Tower of London, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre or Windsor Castle, so your guide can give you a fascinating run-down of the stories of the past.
  • Any attraction where you would want to arrange a behind-the-scenes tour to get a glimpse most people don’t get to see — such as at the BBC building or backstage at the Royal Opera House.
  • Anywhere you are particularly very interested in and want to learn as much about as possible, without worrying about other tour guests who want to move on quickly to the next thing.
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Where to Find London Private Tours

If you are looking to hire a private tour guide during your visit to London, where can you find one who is professional, entertaining and knows the city well? Here are some tips for finding the best private tour guides London has to offer.

  • When you choose a tour guide in London, make sure you find someone with a Blue Badge. This is a certification from the British Guild of Tourist Guides and it is the only qualification that will grant your guide access to conduct tours at London’s biggest attractions such as Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London. Plus, qualified Blue Badge guides undergo a program of continuous training and professional development, so you can be sure they really know their stuff.
  • Check the London private tour listings on Viatour, a great travel comparison website with a lot of different options.
  • Tours by Locals is another great site you can use to compare London tour options.
  • On most websites you can read reviews from previous guests to get an idea of what to expect from each experience.
  • If the tour guide you want to hire doesn’t visit the attraction you wish to see, check out whether or not they offer custom tours.

London Private Tour Guides Worth Mentioning

There are many tour guides in London, but some of them really stand out from the rest by offering a truly great experience. Here are some of the highest ranked and most talked-about tour guides London has to offer.

Gavin Webb has a very strong track record of providing top notch tour experiences for his guests. He has received a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, he holds the Blue Badge and he has five-star reviews from his clients.

His previous tour guests rave about his professionalism and his knowledge.

Dawn Blee is a qualified Blue Badge Tour guide who can lead you through not only London’s greatest sights, but also the entirety of Southeast England. She is deeply knowledgeable about history and she can bring historic sites to life with stories of the past.

John Blakey had a 20-year career as a film and television actor, so you can count on his narration to be entertaining and engaging. He specializes in telling the dark and gritty stories of London’s history, such as scandals, wars, love affairs and more.

He can offer tours to many of the most popular attractions in the city and other destinations including Oxford, Hampton Court, Bath and Stonehenge.

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