Globe Theatre, a white round building with brown thatched roof.
Go see a play at the Globe Theatre and take a step back into Shakespeare's time.
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8 of the Best Entertainment and Arts Experiences to Have in London

You’ll Never Get Bored in England’s Capital City

One of the greatest city’s on Earth, London is home to some of the finest museums and art galleries, while also offering a host of live music and theater that can be enjoyed year-round. This guide will take you on an exploration of the best of London entertainment and arts.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

This theater is an identical reconstruction of the building that originally served as Shakespeare’s theater, which sat in the heart of the city’s seedy entertainment district. The complex features an open-air playhouse located along the banks of the Thames River, as well as an exhibition space dedicated to the poet, playwright and actor.

Performances are engineered to duplicate the atmosphere during Shakespeare’s time, meaning there are no microphones, speakers or spotlights. The plays are staged during daylight, and in the evening, it’s lit with the aid of interior floodlights.

Top of British Museum, with statues and Greek columns.The British Museum houses artifacts from prehistoric to modern times.Photo Credit: Getty Images

The British Museum

One of London’s top attractions, the British Museum is a world-renowned institution of history and culture. As a bonus, it’s also one of the many free museums in London.

Considered both a treasure trove of some of the world’s most notable antiques and an architectural gem, it boasts everything from an internationally renowned Egyptian collection, to artifacts from the Roman Empire and the legendary Rosetta Stone, with works from prehistoric to modern times.

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Overhead view of open topped stadium with surrounding neighborhoods.Wembley Stadium plays host to big name rock artists from around the world.Photo Credit: Getty Images

Live Music

When it comes to live music, there is something to be found for all tastes practically every night of the week. The city has been the heart of British music for decades. Wembley Stadium and the O2 play host to big name rock and pop artists from around the world, while the Roundhouse is popular for intimate live performances.

You’ll find plenty of great tunes in London’s traditional pubs as well as an eclectic mix of trendy, high-priced clubs and jazz that can be enjoyed in romantic settings, like Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club. The Camden neighborhood is the place to go for alternative, and if you’re looking for the best of the city’s punk scene, head to the Old Blue Last.

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