Lighthouse on sandy and grassy outcrop
Brant Point Lighthouse in Nantucket, Massachusetts
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Northeast USA

From the Big City to the Great Outdoors

From Plymouth Rock where the Pilgrims landed to the Statue of Liberty receiving the tired, poor and huddled immigrant masses, the northeast has always welcomed arrivals. Today, whether you enter the northeast by land, sea or air, this region is prime touring territory.

New York City alone has more internationally recognized landmarks than most countries. The Empire State Building, Time Square, Central Park, Grand Central Station, Coney Island and the Metropolitan Museum of Art name only a few of the city’s signature destinations. Renowned for its musicals, theater and art, New York, New York rightly features prominently in songs, movies and literature. Whether you call it The Big Apple, The City that Never Sleeps or The Capital of the World, New York is one of the most diverse, fascinating and energetic cities in the world.

Stray further northeast and you’ll encounter Cape Cod’s windswept beaches, magnificent lighthouses and picturesque cottages. In little more than an hour, you can enjoy your own tea party in historic Boston or sip wine in peaceful, presidential Martha’s Vineyard.

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Meanwhile, the nation’s capital, Washington, boasts cherry trees and more memorial buildings per square mile than anywhere else on earth. The White House, Capital Building, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial are all within walking distance of each other.

While the northwest is an architect’s nirvana, outdoor enthusiasts will think they’ve landed in paradise – once they set foot outside the city limits. With autumn colors that turn entire forests into a blazing tapestry and Olympic-class ski hills, the Northwest is the perfect place to vacation any time of year.

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