Protect Your Kids' Hearing by Using Volume-Limited Headphones from Puro Sound Labs

Whether On the Go or at Home, These Headphones Are a Must-Have

Keeping your child entertained can often involve having to watch and listen to the same movie, TV show or song on loop, which is enough to drive any parent or babysitter crazy. This has become even more true with the invention of so many portable media devices that get used whether you’re in the car, on a plane or just hanging around the house on a lazy weekend.

One of the best ways to maintain sanity while allowing your child to watch or listen to their own program is to employ some headphones. But the problem with many models out there is they are too loud for tiny ears and can potentially damage their hearing. Puro Sound Labs came up with a solution to this: volume-restricted headphones. They don’t just make headphones for kids either, but have models for anyone who is concerned with keeping their ears safe, in addition to hearing protection such as earmuffs and earplugs.

I have an almost 2-year-old, and while she doesn’t get a lot of screen time, I admit that there are instances where I need to keep her busy so I can get a few things done around the house. She runs around as quick as lightning, and if I’m using the stove or oven she’ll make it her mission to get involved if I don’t have something else to direct her attention to. Puro Sound Lab’s  BT2200 Volume Limited Kids’ Bluetooth Headphones seemed like a perfect solution for giving her the treat of watching “Pete the Cat” or Mickey Mouse cartoons and allowing me to do what I need to do in peace and quiet without distraction.

Something else I learned recently is many airlines won’t let you or your child watch anything with sound on the airplane (not even if it’s really, really quiet) unless you have headphones, so the BT2200 headphones will surely help out on our next long plane flight.

What Makes Puro Sound Labs Headphones Special?

Many things! The New York Times didn’t rate these as the world’s best headphones for kids for no reason. For starters, not only were they thoughtfully designed, but these headphones were created with a bigger purpose and message to share, too.

The founder of Puro Sound Labs, David Russell, has a daughter who unfortunately has Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) due to using headphones that were much too loud. Sadly, this is a very preventable condition that is currently affecting one in five teenagers and there wasn’t much on the market to help others avoid a similar fate.

Since there wasn’t anything out there that attempted to address this issue, the Russell family put their heads together to create a product that kids could safely use and parents could trust.

You can expect the following impressive features from a pair of BT2200 headphones:

  • 85-decibel volume limit
  • Block out 82% of background noise
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with up to 30-foot range
  • Wireless
  • Fold flat for easy travel; hard carrying case included
  • Lightweight aluminum build (but sturdy enough for toddler hands)
  • Super soft, protein leather-wrapped headband and ear cushions for comfort
  • 18 hours of battery life

Product Quality

You can tell your Puro Sound Labs headphones are good quality from the moment you get them in the mail. The feel of the box is sleek and strong, much like any electronic device that has been packaged properly with care.

After opening everything up, you’ll find the nifty hardshell travel case that is sure to transport your headphones anywhere without any damage. The headset itself is really lightweight, as advertised, and has comfortable ear cushions that are made to endure long hours of listening without irritation.

I also noticed right away that the size of the ear covers are just perfect — they are a suitable size for my toddler and can even fit me if I ever choose to borrow them from her. I did try them out before giving them to her, and I was impressed at how crystal-clear the sound was even at a lower volume.

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Ease of Use

These headphones couldn’t be easier to use. The controls on the side of the earpiece are self-explanatory and they do come with well-written instructions in paper form, too. Everything you need to care for this product comes with it in the box, and charging them up for use is such a breeze.

My daughter insisted on carrying them around after we were done using them each time, and at first, I was worried she would break them and kept telling her to be careful. However, no matter how many times she practiced putting them on and taking them off her head they didn’t show any sign of damage or being too fragile.

Overall Review

To sum things up, if your child is in need of a new set of headphones, look no further than these ones. Not only are they wireless (no more tangled cords!), sturdy, comfortable and high-quality, but they were designed with the intention of keeping everyone safe from potential hearing loss.

Puro Sound Labs is a company looking to help solve a big problem, which instantly creates confidence in their headphones and makes this an easy purchase for parents like myself.

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