Desert setting with pillars of rock.
From the quaint shops in Galveston to the Alamo in San Antonio to the German settlement in Fredericksburg, Texas is an all-American state.
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Southwest United States

The Coast with the Most

Summing up the southwest in one sentence is like deciding on the love of your life with only one glance. There’s just too much to take in and explore and revel in to do it quickly. Whether it’s the pueblos of New Mexico where they’ve mastered independent, effective government or San Antonio where you can take a gondola ride in the middle of a desert, the Southwest is a rich blend that deserves to be savored and enjoyed. Not sure you’ll enjoy a trip to this part of the U.S.? Trust us, you can’t visit this robust area without leaving a part of your heart here.


It may be a dry heat, but that just means you’ll have to drink twice as much to avoid being (literally) dry as a bone. Think we’re kidding? Arizona is the first state to introduce misting stations in an attempt to keep folks from passing out. Whether it’s Boulder City or Tucson, you’re almost guaranteed sunny weather and a landscape that demands you get out of your car.


There’s a reason Frank Sinatra left his heart in San Francisco – they have it all here. California has redwood forests, the high Sierras, hundreds of miles of beautiful coastline and of course more than its share of cosmopolitan cities. Despite higher than average crime and escalating pollution rates, California is worth exploring. You might just bump into Arnold Schwarzenegger before he sets his sights on Capitol Hill.

Nevada & Texas

While Texans live life large, it’s all about the excess in Las Vegas – remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. And while Nevada’s claim to fame is Vegas, don’t ignore the great outdoor opportunities available in this state.

From the quaint shops in Galveston to the Alamo in San Antonio to the German settlement in Fredericksburg, Texas is an all-American state.

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New Mexico

Want to hot air balloon over the Rio Grande? Or, maybe visiting a Pueblo spa in Albuquerque is more your speed. But then again, you might want to hook up with a friend in Taos and explore the artisan shops for some stunning turquoise jewelry. Point your compass to the land where hippies, natives and artisans weave a colorful, mosaic life.


Land of the Mormons, skiers, hikers, mountain bikers and anyone else not afraid to chart their own path, Utah is the unsung hero of the southwest. The hikes in Zion National Park alone are enough to draw outdoor enthusiasts to this state. While less than half the population is now Mormon, they influenced what the state is today – and why it’s such a pleasure to visit.

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