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Here are some great ways you can save money when you travel as a couple.
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Ingenious Ways to Save Money While Traveling as a Couple

Another Perk to Couples Travel

There are a lot of advantages to traveling as a couple. You’ll be able to look out for each other and keep each other safe, you will be able to work together as a team to tackle travel challenges and you will have someone to share those amazing moments with.

However, one advantage that you may not realize about traveling as a couple is that it will also help you save money. Travel can often be cheaper per person when you are together, especially if you use the right techniques and strategies.

Just the basic fact that you will be sharing a hotel room makes it cheaper than traveling on your own, but there are many other ways to cut down costs. So whether you ended up falling in love while traveling or are planning a trip with your current significant other, here are some great ways you can save money when you travel as a couple.

Self-Cater Whenever Possible

Whenever you can, try to stay in an accommodation that allows you to cook, such as an Airbnb or a hostel with a shared kitchen. You will save a lot of money when you cook affordable meals for yourself rather than eating in a restaurant every night.

You can still have the occasional meal out in a restaurant to treat yourself and have a chance to sample the local cuisine, but this approach will bring down your food costs considerably.

Share Meals in Restaurants

When you do go out to eat, you could consider sharing a starter and a main rather than getting individual dishes. The portions will likely be large enough to satisfy you and you can always have a small snack later.

It’s better than spending more than you need and ending up wasting food. Also, you can order a large water and share it, which will often be cheaper than ordering individual drinks.

Share a Suitcase

If you can practice the art of minimalism and travel with as little as possible, then you may be able to travel with one suitcase between the two of you — especially for short trips. To carry less stuff, you might need to share a lot of your toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner and soap.

This will allow you to save money on the extra baggage fees that many airlines charge for checking your bag.

Check out Companion Airline Tickets

If you make the most of your credit card points you can sometimes take advantage of companion tickets. For example, with British Airways if you spend a certain amount on flights you will receive a companion ticket, which is a free ticket for a friend on a flight you purchase in the future.

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Look for Two for One Offers

Two for one offers on travel, food and attractions are a great bargain when you are traveling as a couple. When you arrive, check out the local tourist information center and see what kind of deals they have advertised.

Also, check out deal and discount websites such as Groupon for the city you are visiting as you can often find cheap deals and two for one offers on food and tour experiences.

You Don’t Always Have to Both Visit an Attraction

This is something that Lee and I do sometimes while traveling and it saves us quite a bit of money. You don’t always have to both visit every attraction together, especially if one of you is more interested in the attraction than the other.

For example, if there is an art gallery or a museum in the destination we are visiting I will often go without Lee. He isn’t too interested in museums, so there is no point in him spending a lot of money on a ticket if it is just to accompany me.

The same goes if there is something he wants to do, such as see a local sports game. We either go by ourselves or meet up with someone via Couchsurfing or at the hostel — it can be a fun way to get to know new friends.

These are just a few of the ways that you can stretch your travel budget further when you are traveling as a couple. But remember, don’t try to pinch pennies too much or you will stress yourselves out. Allow enough flexibility in your budget for spontaneous adventures and special treats.

Together you will find the right balance between being frugal and spending enough to enjoy your trip. It’s all about balance!

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