Rhode Island cityscape reflecting off the water.
Providence is a hip city that boasts tasteful restaurants and breweries.
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The 4 Most Underrated States to Add to Your Travel Bucket List

Rhode Island

Rhode Island is called the “Ocean State” because of its 400 miles of coastline and it has some of the warmest water in New England. Second Beach in Newport is a gorgeous spot to hang out and spend a day on the water.

This small state has plenty to offer, from art galleries to boating to hiking and bouldering. Providence is a hip city with a fantastic restaurant scene and plenty of local breweries. Then, take a day trip to charming Wickford Village, a small waterfront town packed with historic churches, colonial homes, top-notch local eateries and cute boutique shops. Or, you can stroll along the cliff and walk through the luxurious historic mansions of Newport, seeing how the wealthy have made this stunning seaside location their home.

Why Not Check Out U.S.’s Underrated States?

These states may not be the first destinations that come to mind, but they are certainly worth visiting. Each one offers historic attractions, natural beauty and thriving culture just waiting to be explored.

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