Kansas cityscape with skyscrapers and water.
If you're a fan of "The Wizard of Oz" you'll love Kansas' OZ Museum in Wamego.
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The 4 Most Underrated States to Add to Your Travel Bucket List

What Are the Most Underrated States?

When it comes to travel destinations in the U.S., there are a few obvious options: the beaches of California, the casinos of Nevada, the theme parks of Florida, the mountains of Colorado. But what about the more off-the-beaten-track destinations in the U.S. you might not have thought of? This begs to ask, what are the most underrated States? Well, we have that outlined for you. Consider taking a trip to some of these destinations that may not have been on your radar. You’ll find fewer crowds, but there is so much to see and do!


Although Kansas is mostly farming and wilderness, it has several charming small towns and great cities with superb museums, historic sights and nightlife. There’s a list of great attractions in Kansas and you will want to plan more time so you can squeeze them all in.

For example, there is the Old Cowtown Museum in Wichita. It’s an open-air museum that will make you feel like you have stepped back in time to the wild west. You can have a whisky at the saloon, get a haircut, visit the schools, church, shops, prison and more. The town is staffed by actors in period clothing, giving you an authentic recreation of the past.

When you enter the famous OZ Museum in Wamego, you will definitely feel like you are not in Kansas anymore. This quirky spot features over 2,000 artifacts related to the Wizard of Oz movie and book. Also, be sure to stop in Topeka, Kansas to view the Kansas state capitol and climb the 296 steps to admire the view from the fifth floor.

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Yellow Stone National Park landscape with sand-colored rocks and a waterfall.Located in Idaho, Yellowstone National Park offers rivers and wilderness galore. Photo Credit: Getty


You probably never thought to take a trip to Idaho. However, this beautiful state is one of the most underrated states in the U.S. for adventure travel.

It claims a little slice of Yellowstone National Park, but that is only a small section of the stunning wilderness you will find here. You can also explore the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness – which is the largest contiguous area of wilderness in the lower 48. These expansive wilds have more than 2,600 miles of trails to explore, so bring your hiking shoes!

Idaho is also home to the Salmon River, which is the longest free-flowing river in any state and a popular destination for white water rafting and fishing enthusiasts. Plus, do not miss Hell’s Canyon, which is the deepest river gorge in North America (even deeper than the Grand Canyon).

A doc on the water at sunset with a pink sky.Alabama is known for its stunning shores and coastline. Photo Credit: Getty


There are plenty of great reasons to explore Alabama. The Gulf Shores are a stretch of stunning coastline and are known as the most beautiful place in the state. Alabama is home to the much-loved Hangout Music Festival.

Alabama is also home to the impressive U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, which is truly one of the best space museums in the world: well laid out, captivating and educational – it makes an ideal day trip for curious minds of any age.

As you explore Alabama, you will see landmark historical sites from the civil rights movement all over, included the National Voting Rights Museum in Selma and the famous Baptist Church in Birmingham.

Rhode Island cityscape reflecting off the water.Providence is a hip city that boasts tasteful restaurants and breweries. Photo Credit: Getty

Rhode Island

Rhode Island is called the “Ocean State” because of its 400 miles of coastline and it has some of the warmest water in New England. Second Beach in Newport is a gorgeous spot to hang out and spend a day on the water.

This small state has plenty to offer, from art galleries to boating to hiking and bouldering. Providence is a hip city with a fantastic restaurant scene and plenty of local breweries. Then, take a day trip to charming Wickford Village, a small waterfront town packed with historic churches, colonial homes, top-notch local eateries and cute boutique shops. Or, you can stroll along the cliff and walk through the luxurious historic mansions of Newport, seeing how the wealthy have made this stunning seaside location their home.

Why Not Check Out U.S.’s Underrated States?

These states may not be the first destinations that come to mind, but they are certainly worth visiting. Each one offers historic attractions, natural beauty and thriving culture just waiting to be explored.

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