Two people kayaking of coast of Vancouver Island
Why visit an orcas in a marine park when you can see them in all their majesty in the wild?
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Escape the Mundane with These 18 Incredible Adventure Vacations

Endless Thrills Await

Adventure travel is fantastic for the soul and provides a multitude of physical and mental health benefits, all while allowing you to enjoy spectacular scenery. You’ll be able to leave your worries behind and completely immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience while enjoying a great sense of accomplishment too.

Some of the most incredible adventure vacations can be found among these amazing options. If you aren’t ready now, be sure to put them on your bucket list. Who knows, maybe someday you’ll get the sudden urge to snorkel with sea lions or trek across the desert on a camel!

Kayak Alongside Orca Whales off Vancouver Island

There’s been a lot of controversy over orca whales being held captive in marine parks in recent years. Why go there when you can see them in the wild, living in their natural habitats? You can do just that by heading to Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Some 250 orcas, otherwise known as killer whales, inhabit this area.

While whale-watching from land is one of the best things to do in Vancouver, why not take things a step further and get out there with them?

Arguably one of the best opportunities for a close encounter is to join a sea kayaking trip with an outfitter like Wildheart Adventures. There are several options, including three- and six-day trips, where you’ll paddle among them in the waters of Johnstone Strait, departing from Telegraph Cove on the island’s northeast coast.

Your nights will be spent in tents along the shoreline where you can hear the sounds of the whales as they pass by. Meals are delectable too, often featuring salmon that was just hauled up from the water.

Camel trekking in MongoliaTravel like the Mongolian nomads have for centuries.Photo Credit: Getty Images

Take a Trek Across the Desert on a Camel

A camel trek through the desert is surely a bucket list travel experience, and Nomadic Expeditions provides this amazing adventure in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia. You’ll travel as Mongolian nomads have for centuries, through sand dunes, hidden springs, isolated forests and canyons where ibex roam among the prehistoric rock paintings.

The trip also provides the opportunity to explore the ruins of ancient monasteries and cities and visit with those who actually live here, raising their herds. Your nights will be spent under the stars in traditional felt tents. An equal dose of history, culture and nature? That’s an adventure you won’t soon forget.

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Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, ChileThe Explora Patagonia Lodge is located in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park.Photo Credit: Getty Images

Explore Patagonia on Foot and Horseback

Explora Patagonia by Adventure Smith Explorations allows you to explore the wonders of Patagonia in an unbelievably in-depth way. All trips are based at a lodge located in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park on the edge of a glistening lake, just below the impressive peaks of the iconic Torres del Paine massif.

One of the most stunningly beautiful spots on the planet for outdoor adventure, guests can choose from a menu of activities, with some 50 different half- and full-day hikes and horseback trips for experiencing the diverse landscapes of the park. Adventurous couples in particular will love the rugged beauty of the area.

You’ll also be able to join boat excursions where you can witness the jaw-dropping sight of calving glaciers, and hear the thundering sounds they make as the plunge into the water. Eco-friendly yet luxurious, the lodge itself boasts an excellent restaurant that pairs meals with a carefully curated list of Chilean wines. It also hosts an indoor pool, spa and bathhouse.

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