Beach in Baja California
Traveling in Baja is safer than in many American cities.
Photo Credit: K.C. Dermody

8 Reasons Why Baja California Will Sweep You off Your Feet

If You Haven’t Experienced Baja Yet, What’s Your Excuse?

Baja California is just a hop, skip and a jump from Los Angeles, and a relatively short flight from many major cities across the United States.

These reasons might just get you planning and packing for a Baja California vacation sooner than you think.

It’s Safe

Contrary to what some media reports may have you believe, travel in Baja is safe — in fact, many American cities are more dangerous. Most incidents involve those who are involved in drug or weapon trafficking, not the average tourist.

A smiling man and woman playing backgammonThe locals will go out of their way to assist when you ask for advice, and sometimes even when you don’t.Photo Credit: K.C. Dermody

The People

The locals, and most Mexican people in general, are especially welcoming and helpful to tourists. They’ll go out of their way to assist when you ask for advice, and sometimes even when you don’t.

If you decide to take a walk into town, especially in some of the less-populated areas, chances are someone will stop and ask if you need a ride.

While it can help to speak some Spanish, the majority of Mexican citizens also speak English, at least to some degree, making it a lot easier to accomplish whatever it is you set out to do. Of course, the more Spanish you know, the better, as you’re more likely to return home having made a friend or two, and you can negotiate easier when buying those beautiful handmade goods from vendors.

Pictured here are Claude and Celia Vogel, the gracious hosts of Casita de Los Inseparables, a guesthouse available for rent on Airbnb.

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Sun sets over the oceanBaja has everything from scenic desert landscapes to picture-perfect beaches to mountains filled with lush greenery.Photo Credit: K.C. Dermody

From the Ocean and the Desert to Soaring Mountains

In Baja, you’ll get it all, or almost all anyway. It has everything from scenic desert landscapes and picture-perfect beaches that sit at the edge of the Pacific or the azure waters of Sea of Cortez, to mountains filled with lush greenery and waterfalls.

Pictured here is the beach in Todos Santos at sunset. It’s nearly always empty, even on a winter weekend (which is the busy season for the area).

Baja California exists on more than 2,000 miles of coastline. The west coast is home to the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean, while the east coast looks out into the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez, which is sandwiched between Baja and the Sierra de La Madre Mountains on the mainland of Mexico.

This makes for an extensive array of scenery, wildlife and outdoor activities to enjoy.

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