Main plaza in Mexico City at sunset
Mexico City will make you fall in love with its understated elegance.
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9 Improbably Beautiful Destinations in Mexico

Blissful Beaches, Ancient Ruins and Fresh Local Cuisine Flavored with Limes and Sunshine

Nights under the stars, dancing to Mariachi bands and the wavering light of candles. Days strolling miles of pristine beaches, eating tacos until the juice runs down your fingers then washing off in the Caribbean sea. Sound like your idea of an incredible holiday? Then you should start planning a trip to Mexico.

The country’s reputation has been tarnished by stories of drugs and gangs, but if you know the right places to go you’ll have a trouble-free trip you’ll remember forever. So, without further ado, here are some of the top Mexico travel destinations.

Mexico City

Mexico’s capital is an immense and often misunderstood city. It may be infamous for high crime rates, but it’s also known as the City of Eternal Spring, for good reason. The agreeable climate, a surprising number of green spaces, and stylish modern architecture make it a refreshing and interesting stop on your tour of the best travel destinations in Mexico.

In a city this size you’ll never have the chance to get bored. There is a thriving foodie scene that borders on hipster, museums cradling centuries of the country’s history, and dozens of plazas alive with the sound of Mariachi bands. At night, parties kick into full swing. Even the lobby of your hotel may be a great place to partake in the Mexico City nightlife scene.

Since the city is so sprawling, you’ll need to figure out an effective way of getting around without adding too much stress to your Mexico City vacation. The metro is efficient and inexpensive, though you’ll want to avoid it at rush hour. The same sentiment goes for buses. Taxis are relatively inexpensive, however you’ll want to make sure you only ride in official taxis to avoid getting ripped off.

A horse and carriage in the streets of Merida.Merida's pretty streets are full of delights. Photo Credit: Getty Images


Merida is the elegant and beautiful capital of the Yucatan peninsula. The art galleries, restaurants and theaters are a sophisticated change of scenery from the resorts along the coast, and simply wandering the pretty colonial streets to see what treasures you’ll discover is one of the best activities to do here.

Merida also makes a great base for day trips in the area. From here you can visit cenotes, flamingos, ruins and a dozen other natural and cultural wonders.

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Hotels along Cancun beachCancun is famous for its lavish all-inclusive resorts. Photo Credit: Getty Images


A Cancun vacation might summon up images of inappropriately drunk spring breakers strutting around in barely-there swimsuits, but pick your places wisely and it can be a whole lot of fun. Cancun is the heart of the all-inclusive resort industry in Mexico, with a string of resorts with varying numbers of stars laid out along the beach.

It’s worth splurging on one of these all-inclusive options at least once in your life — there is something delightfully decadent about lounging in an infinity pool with an unlimited supply of cocktails on hand.

Certainly the main events in Cancun revolve around spring break — Inception Music Festival, for example, is a particularly large draw. But even if you aren’t visiting during this time of year, Cancun nightlife is known for being lively and raucous year-round.

The party scene is there for the taking, but you can just as easily enjoy a peaceful vacation reveling at Cancun’s turquoise waters and friendly atmosphere. Just be aware that hurricane season in Cancun is from June to November, if you are trying to avoid the spring break crowds.

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