Snowy view of New England town
Nothing inspires romance more than a snowshoeing trek through the woods.
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Snowy Playgrounds and Sunny Escapes: 6 Winter Destinations for Couples

Enjoy a Winter Getaway Together

There’s something about wintertime that inspires romance. Maybe it’s the cocoa and fireplaces or the magic of freshly fallen snow. Whatever it is, there’s no better time to take a romantic couples vacation.

We’ve chosen some of the best winter vacations for couples — you’ll find places close to home and destinations far afield, and both places to make all of your snowy winter dreams come true and a few warmer spots to escape the cold.

Fall in Love with a Classic New England Winter

There are few places more postcard-perfect than New England in winter. The region is noted for charming small towns, beautiful natural landscapes and plenty of winter activities. There are dozens of world-class skiing and snowboarding areas, tubing hills, snowmobiling opportunities and even a unique “Snow Safari” experience available.

One of my husband’s and my favorite winter activities to do as a couple is snowshoeing in New England. Traveling by snowshoe offers a slower way to experience the snowy outdoors and enjoy a conversation with the special someone in your life.

Mountains and lake in New Zealand.New Zealand has beautiful scenery at every turn.Photo Credit: Getty Images

Trade Winter for Summer in New Zealand

Winter in the Northern Hemisphere means it’s summer in the southern half of the globe, making it the best time of year to visit New Zealand. If you are traveling that far from home, you certainly won’t want to come for just a week. Instead plan out a two to four week trip (or longer) to explore the country’s incredible sights.

In a country where sheep outnumber people, nature really puts on a show and there is plenty to explore. The highlights are too numerous to list, but one of our favorites is Cathedral Cove where you can explore a number of sea caves on foot or in a kayak. Stick around for sunset and you won’t regret it.

For the ultimate New Zealand adventure with your special someone, rent a camper van and road trip around the islands. There’s something special and romantic about sleeping in different spots in a camper van throughout one of the world’s most beautiful countries.

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Palau, Micronesia from aboveCruising the tropical islands in the South Pacific is an amazing way to escape cold winter temperaturesPhoto Credit: Getty Images

Escape to the Tropics and Cruise the South Pacific Islands

If snow and ice aren’t quite your thing, maybe you dream of escaping to the tropics this winter. The South Pacific Islands are a true paradise with perfectly clear water, dramatic mountain peaks, traditional cultural experiences and much more just waiting to be explored.

The options are seemingly endless with opportunities to visit Pago Pago, swim with dolphins, helicopter over Papeete and experience Samoan culture.

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