Na Pali Coast, Kauai
The coast is difficult to reach, hence why it's in such pristine condition.
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8 Ways to Experience the Natural Splendors of Kauai, Hawaii

The Hardest Part About Visiting the Intoxicating Garden Isle Is Leaving

The Garden Isle is extraordinarily intoxicating. A destination that can be enjoyed year-round, it’s surely one of the most stunning places on the entire planet, filled with incredible natural wonders — from dramatically colorful cliffs and waterfalls with hidden pools to exotic gardens and lush valleys.

Not to mention the idyllic beaches that sit at the edge of crystal-clear, azure waters filled with colorful fish, sea turtles and other marine life. It’s no wonder it’s often considered one of the top luxury vacation spots for couples. With so much beauty, trying to decide what things to do on Kauai can be almost overwhelming. This guide will give you a head start!

Experience the Na Pali Coast

The Na Pali Coast is one of the world’s most legendary, not to mention one of the top Kauai, points of interest. One of the reasons it remains so pristine and unspoiled is that it can only be accessed via boat, helicopter, flight-seeing tour or on foot. It’s well-worth the visit no matter how you decide to get there.

Lying on the north shore of the island, it boasts vibrant emerald green pinnacles that rise up along the coast for 17 miles, while waterfalls cascade into the narrow valleys. Little has changed here over the centuries, though at one time Hawaiian settlements flourished here, existing on the fish they could catch and food they could grow.

Polihale Beach, KauaiAfter visiting the Na Pali Coast, take a drive down a bumpy dirt road to this secluded slice of heaven.Photo Credit: K.C. Dermody

Walk Alone on a Secluded Beach

The great thing about Hawaii is that many of its attractions are focused on its natural splendor — which means budget travel in Hawaii is simple! After all, going to the beach is free. Polihale Beach is a very remote stretch of golden sands located adjacent to the Na Pali Coast, but it can be reached via a long, bumpy dirt road, which is why few tend to make it here.

Taking in ocean views by yourself, with nothing but endless horizon in front of you and the sound of crashing waves around you, makes a visit to Polihale Beach one of the best activities in Kauai.

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Wailua FallsThe best view of the falls isn't from the top, but from down below.Photo Credit: Getty Images

Visit Wailua Falls

If you’ve ever seen the opening of the 1970s TV series “Fantasy Island,” you’ve seen Wailua Falls — this double-tied waterfall was made famous after being spotlighted in the show. The view from the top of this 80-foot waterfall is absolutely jaw-dropping. But the most impressive, and often private, view can be had by walking to its base.

There are two trails that will lead you there, but the easiest can be found about 500 yards from the end of the turnaround at the car park.

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