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Latitude's Journey from Madagascar

Come Along for the Adventure

September 12: Departing from Madagascar

Join on the adventure as we follow our friend Latitude as she makes her journey from Madagascar to Waterloo, Canada. Upon her arrival, she’ll be helping us launch our new website — but in the meantime, she and her family are taking the opportunity to make some stops along the way and see the world! Her first stop: Botswana.

She’s in transit right now, so stay tuned for stories from her time in southern Africa. We’ll be updating this page regularly as we hear from her!

September 14: Taking a Safari in Botswana

Latitude and her family are on a Botswana safari, getting up close and personal with some incredible animals. Last night they camped out under the stars, drifting off to sleep to the sounds of the savanna. Today they are traveling around in a 4×4 vehicle to see how many giraffes, zebras, elephants and the like they can find!

September 15: Visiting the Pyramids

How could Latitude and her family not visit Egypt while on their journey? Today they are exploring the land legends such as Cleopatra and Tutankhamen once walked. They’ll be checking out Tutankhamen’s tomb,the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, and the remnants of Roman trading posts in the desert.

September 16: Exploring Markets in Marrakech

Marrakech tourism is so rich that Latitude hardly knows how to make the most of her day in Morocco! She and her family started their day by exploring the market, their eyes taking in all the colorful goods and their noses filled with the scent of spices. Latitude is particularly excited to try some mint tea, a typical Moroccan beverage!

September 17: Soaking up the Sun in Majorca

Latitude is happy to be resting today on a sunny beach while visiting Majorca, Spain. Her kids are happy to play in the sand and ocean while she relaxes and listens to the gentle sound of the waves. It doesn’t get much better than this!

September 19: Strolling Down Cobblestone Streets in France

Latitude had her honeymoon in Paris, France so this time around she wanted her family to experience some France points of interest outside of the country’s capital city. One of their favorite stops was Mont St Michael — a tiny island off the coast of Normandy. On it is an abbey, which pilgrims (and now tourists) have been drawn to for years.

September 20: Bike Riding in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has always been on Latitude’s bucket list — she was so excited to finally get to visit there today! She’s had a long list of Amsterdam points of interest written up for a while, so it was easy to decide what to do in their short time there. Her kids particularly loved bicycling around town and seeing all the interesting buildings.

September 21: Taking a Private Tour in London

Despite having been to London before, Latitude wanted to go back again to take in more of the city. This time around she decided to book a couple London private tours to get an immersive experience at some famous landmarks. They got an insider’s look at the Tower of London and Shakespeare’s Globe, getting a glimpse of history they wouldn’t have seen had they taken a regular tour.

September 22: Seeing Incredible Landscapes in Ireland

Before crossing the Atlantic Ocean to North America, Latitude wanted to make a quick stop in Ireland. With so many places to visit in Ireland, they decided to spend two days there taking in as many sights as possible. Her kids are big fans of the Star Wars movies, so they started off in Portmagee where you can take a tour to Skellig Michael, the rugged island in the final scene of the Force Awakens.

September 24: Exploring the Big Apple

Latitude has officially hopped the pond and is in North America! It makes sense that she’d want her first stop to be the Big Apple — with so many things to do in New York City, she and her family are spending a couple days here to take in all the sights they can. They’ve already been to the top of the Rockefeller Center to see the city from up high. It’s always good to have a change in perspective! Later today they’ll be taking a stroll through Central Park.

September 26: Following Red Dirt Roads in PEI

It’s quite the change of pace going from bustling New York City to quiet Prince Edward Island. Latitude and her family flew from the U.S. to Canada and are planning to take an east coast road trip from Prince Edward Island to Ontario. They’ll be using an eastern Canada travel guide to take in the best PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Quebec have to offer. Of course they’ll be eating their fill of fresh seafood and taking lots of photos of lighthouses!

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