Kopenhagen, Denmark is home to plenty of culture.
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Northern Europe

Varied, But Oh So Lovely


Denmark is home to more than just the Little Mermaid, Carlsberg beer and the inventors of Lego. With more than 500 islands, 5,000 miles of coast, ancient castles and first-class jazz festivals, Denmark offers an eclectic mix for tourists. Golf, sailing and hiking are just a few of the outdoor options, while art, music and architecture will satisfy urbanites.

  • Copenhagen, Denmark and its Neighbors
  • Copenhagen’s Folksy Corner


While you can enjoy the lakes and forests in the summer, Finland offers unique winter vacation opportunities. Cross country skiing, dog-sledding and even reindeer safaris are just a few of the cold weather options in this fascinating yet relatively unexplored Scandinavian country. Of course, the saunas are available year-round.

  • Finland – Land of the Midnight Sun, Saunas and Sisu

Republic of Ireland

With impossibly green fields, rocky cliffs and whitewashed cottages, Ireland often looks posed for a postcard. While remote sections of Ireland still seem happily anchored in the past, Dublin has embraced technology and turned the Irish economy into one of the strongest in the European Union. With live music in almost every pub, Guinness on every table and a warm greeting to every visitor, it seems the luck of the Irish is more about charm than chance.

  • Buoyant Belfast Beckons Visitors
  • Ireland’s Ghostly Islands in the West
  • Singing in the Rain in Galway
  • The Medieval Gardens of Tully Castle Northern Ireland

United Kingdom

From the heather-covered hills of the Scottish highlands to the chic urban sophistication of London, the United Kingdom has diverse landscapes, cultures and in some cases languages. Welsh is still spoken in parts of Wales and you can still hear Gaelic in some Scottish towns. Steeped in history, art and architecture, Britain has earned the adjective “Great.”


  • Beardless Beefeaters and Gin Bracers
  • Cambridge, England – Cream Teas and Ancient Bookshops
  • Chasing Arthur through Southwest England
  • Claridge’s Hotel – Royal Treatment…
  • Cornwall – Not Just Ordinalia
  • Crossing the Channel Tunnel to France
  • Do it Right When Driving Left
  • Double Decked in Yorkshire
  • Enchanting Channel Isles
  • England – Of Lakeland Poets and Swans with Attitude
  • Harrods, London, England
  • Industry’s Birthplace Gets Sporting Chance
  • London’s Eye on the Horizon
  • London’s Greatest Treasures – For Free!
  • London’s Hampton Court
  • London’s Savoy Hotel …At Last!
  • Nine Hundred Years of History in a Weekend
  • Once in Royal Worcester City…
  • One Day Get Aways Explore the Cotswolds
  • Re-Living the Days of Steam
  • ‘Ring a Ring of Roses, A Pocketful of Posies, Atishoo, Atishoo, We All Fall Down’
  • Rochester – Once Mighty, Now Fallen
  • The Isle of Man – Manannan’s Isle
  • There is Life within the Old Walls of Bath after All
  • Travel-Wise Attends London’s World Travel Market
  • Visiting England’s Historic Hever Castle
  • Yorkshire Yarns
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