Two Adirondack chairs on Lake Placid in the fall.
Spend a few days with no TV, smartphone or laptop and partake in some incredible outdoor activities in beautiful Lake Placid.
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6 Off the Grid Vacations Where You Can Truly Get Away from It All

Unplug from Technology & Reconnect with Life

These days it seems destinations where you can go totally off grid are far and few between, but disconnecting from all of those high-tech gadgets and the chaos of our modern world can be the perfect antidote to the stress of day-to-day life while allowing you to reconnect with nature and the ones you love.

Slow down and enjoy a digital detox and an incredibly relaxing holiday with these fabulous off the grid vacations.

Lake Placid Lodge, New York

The luxurious Lake Placid Lodge offers a special Check In to Check Out package that includes two nights in a TV-free room or cabin. You’ll leave your smartphone, laptop and other electronic devices at the front desk, so you can indulge in a truly tech-free vacation.

Instead of checking social media or vegging out in front of the TV, you’ll spend time with the ones you love, playing board games, sitting by the fire or taking part in a long list of outdoor activities like hiking and boating.

You can look forward to some stunning sunsets too, enjoying them outdoors in one of the comfy Adirondack chairs.

Gray whaleYou won't notice you don't have your phone when you're interacting with gray whales and their babies.Photo Credit: Getty Images

San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja, Mexico

This vacation is all about the whales and forgetting about all your electronics. Ignacio Lagoon is one of three lagoons on the Baja Peninsula of Mexico where gray whales birth their calves, thanks to the protected waters. Instead of spending your time staring at your cell phone, you’ll enjoy close encounters with the 40-ton mother whales and their newborns.

The moms actually seek out interaction with people, approaching the boats with baby in tow, perhaps as an introduction to humans, though experts aren’t quite sure why.

One of the best ways to experience this is to stay at Campo Cortez through Baja Eco Tours, an eco-lodge set in this remote location that brings guests out to see the whales. While the solar-powered cabins have some electricity, it’s just enough to charge smaller items like a digital camera.

Besides, your laptop won’t work anyway as there is no internet access and only an intermittent cell signal, if that. But, really, who cares when you’re out there petting gray whales? You won’t have time to miss your cell phone on this unplugged vacation.

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Hammock on beach on Little Palm IslandIndulge in spa treatments, walk on the beach and dine on seafood — no need for technology!Photo Credit: Getty Images

Little Palm Island, Florida Keys

Ideal for romance-seekers, Little Palm Island offers the chance to experience a real-life Gilligan’s Island. You’ll have to fly or travel by boat to get here, and when you do, forget about being interrupted with the buzz of your cell phone or blaring TVs.

Disruptive modern devices like those are typically so disliked on this island, one of the few phones here is said to be stowed away in an outhouse. While you may be without gadgets at this off grid vacation spot, you’ll have access to plenty of luxuries, spending your days cuddled up in a hammock, taking strolls on the soft, powdery white-sand beach, indulging in spa treatments and dining on succulent seafood meals.

If you want to explore a brilliant underwater world, you can snorkel among the incredible coral reefs and colorful fish at Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary.

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