Steripen being dipped into glass of water and Camelbak water bottle.
The Steripen (left) and All Clear UV Purifier (right) ensure you'll always have drinkable water.
Photo Credit: Steripen / Camelbak

6 Essential Pieces of Gear to Bring on an Adventure Trip

Make the Adventure That Much Better

What staple things should you bring with you for adventure travel?

It’s important to remember that every traveler has different tastes and requirements when they are on an adventure vacation. The travel gear that will be incredibly useful for one adventurer might not be suitable for someone else. So, take the time to do your research and find the travel gear that is best for your needs. These are also wonderful gifts for travel lovers in your life!

That being said, having the right gear certainly makes your trip more comfortable and fun. And if you have a proclivity for active adventures, there are certain gadgets that will come in handy for pretty much any activity you get yourself into.

So what gear should you consider investing in? The following make for great things to take on an adventure tip.

Water Sterilizer

It’s important to stay hydrated, but you can’t always drink the water everywhere you go. Check out the Steripen. This handy little device makes water safe for you to drink, whether it’s from a public fountain at a monastery in India or a stream in the Rocky Mountains.

You won’t have to rely on bottled water, which is great when you are hiking off the beaten track. Another option is the All Clear UV Purifer bottle by Camelbak, which is a water bottle that does the same thing. There’s nothing worse than a water-related illness ruining your adventure, which is why a water sterilizer is one of the things every adventurer should have.

With either of these small devices, you won’t have to worry!

goTenna deviceThis handy device will ensure you always stay on the grid.Photo Credit: goTenna


This incredible little gadget was inspired by the disaster rescue and recovery operations that followed Hurricane Sandy. goTenna will keep your Android or iOS device connected, even if there is no cellular service.

It is made of rugged materials and it uses Bluetooth to pair with your phone. This means that no matter where you go, whether you are watching orangutans in the jungle in Borneo or taking a boat down the Amazon River, you will be able to stay in touch with family and friends.

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Man wearing maroon v-neck and woman wearing navy blue t-shirt.The 5 Year Basic Tee (left) and Merino Tee (right) are worth the price tag.Photo Credit: Lululemon / Outdoor Voices

A High Performance T-Shirt

When you are on an adventure you want to pack light, so you can be mobile. The best way to do this is to bring along a few essentials, which you can mix and match. Then, you can wash your clothes in the sink or in any available water source and dry them overnight.

Try the Lululemon 5 Year Basic Tee. It might seem like an expensive price for one t-shirt, but when you consider how long it will last you and how it will hold its shape after many washes, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Another great option is the Outdoor Voices Merino Tee, which is made from soft, wicking and naturally antimicrobial Merino wool. It will keep you cool when the weather is warm, and warm when the weather is cold.

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